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How to Write a Song using a Song Construction Kit

Utilizing a song construction kit while songwriting has enabled songwriters and musicians to speed up the songwriting process and build a solid foundation in their songwriting. Because a song construction kit is organized with high quality instrument sound loops, it allows songwriters to quickly build a song from scratch, or build upon existing ideas. Writers block has no room during this process because you're able to hear your ideas come to life quickly and any fine-tuning can be done after the structure of the song is already in place. It's in those moments of inspiration that speed is key to..  - Read More

How to choose a time signature for your next song, using drum loops

In Western cultures, songs in 4/4 are in no short supply. Because much of popular music today is dance music, 4/4 is the go to time signature since it’s easy to find the beat and dance to, even for those with no musical training. Listen to your audience! When considering how to choose a time signature for your next song, there are some who would argue that 4/4 is overused, boring and repetitive. This group would urge you to try different time signatures and branch out. I urge you to consider the genre of music you want to be in..  - Read More

A Guide To Our Drums Loops

The Drums On Demand Difference  Intuitive Drum Loop Organization: Our patented "Song Set" system of naming and organizing drum loops provides an easy way to assemble tracks quickly in your recording or loop software. No more hunting through poorly labeled files. For example, the loop you've highlighted -- Verse.Rim.Crash --  is a two-bar verse-groove loop, featuring a side-stick and a crash at the beginning. Each Song Set includes several Master Loops and up to 75 verse, chorus, bridge, fill, alternate and ending loops.Precise Tempo Tagging & Editing of Drum Loops: Unlike some other companies that merely computer-place the crucial, tempo-stretchings tags,..  - Read More

Songwriting Tip: U2 "Raised By Wolves"

The new U2 track, “Raised By Wolves,” of the “Songs of Innocence” is an excellent example of great songwriting in terms of building melodic intensity and climax. The melody of each section of the song — verse to lift to chorus — slowly moves up in pitch little by little. Any songwriter can learn from what Bono and the boys are doing here. Let’s take a closer look:Verse: The melody of the verse ranges from Eb to Bb (C2), seven half steps, with the melody generally moving in a downward direction.||Lift or pre-chorus: The lower verse melody is then followed..  - Read More

Importing Loops into iOS Garageband and Other Audio Apps

You can import Drums On Demand Apple Loops and WAV loops for use in Garageband on your iPad or iPhone and any other apps that allow importing of audio. More on this later, but we recommend you import and use one Song Set (BPM folder) at a time. Here's how:1) First find or unzip your DOD loops package. Either Apple Loops or WAVs will work. In this case we are using Apple Loops.2) Plug in your iPad or iPhone and launch iTunes. Select your iOS device under devices, then click on the "Apps" tab. In the Apps area scroll to the..  - Read More

Why Pros Choose Drums On Demand

Our drum loops and track products are used by hundreds of leading music industry professionals. From Grammy Winning producers like Jon Leventhal to rock legends like Randy Bachman. DOD products have been used on everything from No. 1 Billboard albums (Rob Thomas) to hit TV shows like Modern Family and The Bachelor, to blockbuster movies like Iron Man. Some names (and shows) you might recognize include: Rick DePofi (Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello) Dan Truman (Diamond Rio) Devin Powers (Los Lonely Boys, The Bachelor, Gene Simmons Family Jewels) Randy Bachman (Bachman-Turner, The Guess Who) Terry Lawless (U2, Pink, Chicago) Ricky Philips (Styx,..  - Read More

No Britney Spears Auto-Tune here...

So by now you’ve probably read about the uproar over the leaked Britney Spears track where she is busted singing “Alien” without Auto-Tune. Take a listen. It’s pretty hideous. Her producer, William Orbit, defended her on Facebook:"Warming up is essential if you’re a pro, as it is with a runner doing stretches, and it takes a while to do properly. I’ve heard all manner of sounds emitted during warmups. The point is that it is not supposed to be shared with millions of listeners."I'm not going to get into whether she's warming up or not. The Auto-Tune debate has been raging..  - Read More

How The Beatles revolutionized the music business

How The Beatles revolutionized the music business (via CBS News) Acclaimed musicians Nile Rodgers, John Oates, Tad Kubler, and Felix Cavaliere discuss how The Beatles revolutionized popular music and the way the band's success changed the business. Anthony Mason hosted the conversation as part of the CBS News live…    - Read More

"Let It Go” — Five Lyrical Lessons For Songwriters

The soundtrack from Frozen topped the Billboard charts again this week. Here are five lessons songwriters can learn from the lyrics of the hit song, “Let It Go." A theme of deliverance: At its core “Let it Go” is not about letting it go. The song is about deliverance (freedom), a common theme in art and literature. It’s a universal theme we all relate to, no matter what situation we are in. “I’m free” strikes at the heart of the human experience. The idea of deliverance becomes even stronger because the song is sung in first person as well. Use..  - Read More

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