How To Use Drum Loops in any Recording Software

drum loops profileThe basic method of using DOD drum loops on any DAW platform is to:

1) Set your project tempo to the original BPM of the DOD song set/drum loops you are using.

2) Your project should be in grid mode or BPM mode so you can see how the loops align to the BPM grid when you import them. 

3) Drag and drop or import a DOD drum loop onto a stereo track on the timeline. You then build a drum track by using all the various types of loops in a DOD song set. 

4) If your software does time-shift or tempo changing of audio files automatically or via a plug-in, then you can change the tempo along the way in the steps above. About 30 percent faster or about 10 percent slower, depending on the quality of your software.

As far as building tracks, this is how you do it in GarageBand. Start at 1:30
It’s the same idea in any recording software.

Here are some more tips on using our drum loops.