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A Guide To Our Drums Loops

The Drums On Demand Difference  Intuitive Drum Loop Organization: Our patented "Song Set" system of naming and organizing drum loops provides an easy way to assemble tracks quickly in your recording or loop software. No more hunting through poorly labeled files. For example, the loop you've highlighted -- Verse.Rim.Crash --  is a two-bar verse-groove loop, featuring a side-stick and a crash at the beginning. Each Song Set includes several Master Loops and up to 75 verse, chorus, bridge, fill, alternate and ending loops.Precise Tempo Tagging & Editing of Drum Loops: Unlike some other companies that merely computer-place the crucial, tempo-stretchings tags,..  - Read More

Getting the Drum Track You Want

Quint on drum track workflowsGreat drum tracks are essential for any songwriter or producer and there are a variety of ways to get the track you want. Following are some of the basic "software-based" drum track workflows if you want a live drum sound, but don't have a studio and session drummer at your beck and call. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

Navigating The Drum Loop Learning Curve

If you are new to home recording and/or using drum loops -- doesn't matter what software you are using -- here are three conceptual steps to help you overcome the drum loop learning curve: 1) Experiment and learn to use drum loops at their original tempo. Set your software to "grid" mode and your project to the original BPM of the Drums On Demand Song Set you plan to be using. "Grid" is a term used by everything from Pro Tools to Garageband. Other terms might be "snap to measure," etc.  2) After you are comfortable using drum loops at their..  - Read More

MIDI Drum Fills Explained

If you’re using midi drum tracks, maybe you’re struggling to create your own drum fills. Or maybe you need fills that aren’t so busy or complex? Either way, this article is for you. 

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