How to Write a Song using a Song Construction Kit

Utilizing a song construction kit while songwriting has enabled songwriters and musicians to speed up the songwriting process and build a solid foundation in their songwriting.

Because a song construction kit is organized with high quality instrument sound loops, it allows songwriters to quickly build a song from scratch, or build upon existing ideas. Writers block has no room during this process because you're able to hear your ideas come to life quickly and any fine-tuning can be done after the structure of the song is already in place. It's in those moments of inspiration that speed is key to preserving the original ideas and intentions you have for your song. If you've ever heard your hit song in your head and lost it the next moment, you know what I'm saying.

The Band On Demand song construction kits are all royalty free music loops, which means you can construct your song and even use our loops in your final mix and not have to pay royalties. Not only does this save time in the songwriting process, but it also saves time and money in the studio.

These song construction kits come with various instruments, some of which include: drum and percussion loops, acoustic and electric guitar loops, bass loops, piano loops, mandolin, banjo, dobro, and more.

The song kits also come in 16 and 24 bit Acidized WAV* formats, as well as the Apple Loop (AIFF) format and can be used in any DAW that allows WAV and AIFF formats. *Acidized WAV format means you can import the WAV's and then change your tempo and the WAV's will resize to your tempo. This is a powerful feature when writing a song to have that flexibility.

To see how easy it is to write a song with the Band On Demand song construction kits, watch the following videos:

Part 1


Part 2


As you can see from the videos that it's easy to write a song using a song construction kit, especially with the organized structure that the Band On Demand song kits offer. Click HERE to see our Band On Demand Song Construction Kits. I hope you found this helpful and were able to find a resource that can help you in your songwriting. Be sure to check back often for more songwriting and music production tips and tricks.