Why Pros Choose Drums On Demand

Our drum loops and track products are used by hundreds of leading music industry professionals. From Grammy Winning producers like Jon Leventhal to rock legends like Randy Bachman. DOD products have been used on everything from No. 1 Billboard albums (Rob Thomas) to hit TV shows like Modern Family and The Bachelor, to blockbuster movies like Iron Man.

Some names (and shows) you might recognize include: Rick DePofi (Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello) Dan Truman (Diamond Rio) Devin Powers (Los Lonely Boys, The Bachelor, Gene Simmons Family Jewels) Randy Bachman (Bachman-Turner, The Guess Who) Terry Lawless (U2, Pink, Chicago) Ricky Philips (Styx, Bad English) Cheche Alara (Christina Aguilera) Dean Landon (Oprah, American Idol, CNN) Mike Schmid (Miley Cyrus) Devin Bronson (Alvril Lavigne, Kelly Osbourne) Erik Hickenlooper (Kenny Rogers, Luther Vandross) Mitch Delevie (Smokey Robinson, Gino Vannelli) Grammy winner John Leventhal (Michelle Branch, Rosanne Cash) Bruce Turgon (ex-Foreigner) Marty Walsh (Supertramp, Leann Rimes, Berklee School of Music) Matt Malley (ex-Counting Crows).

Gabriel Mann

I use Drums On Demand all the time. They sound great, provide a quick and easy backbone for tons of the stuff I work on. For School Of Rock I'm called upon to do a ton of songs, so they're just indispensable, blow a track up in the best way. Sometimes I'll use my Drums On Demand loops as a temporary map of what the drummer will ultimately replace for Modern Family or School of Rock, but more often than not I end up leaving them in the final mix in some form or other. They just sound great every time, not so pristine that they have no life, not so imperfect that they're unusable. Just dirty enough and just tight enough to be extremely useful for demos and finals.

Gabriel Mann is a composer, songwriter, singer, and member of LA-based alternative rock band The Rescues. Current projects include songs and score for ABC's Modern Family and Dr. Ken, FOX's Rosewood, Nick's School of Rock, Sundance Channel's Rectify, and much more.

Marty Walsh

I have been using Drums On Demand since the first disc was issued. Working with singer-songwriters and music libraries, the most time-consuming thing has always been constructing drum tracks. Thanks to Drums On Demand and the REX format I am up and running in no time. I show these files to my students at the Berklee College of Music and they are blown away. The sonic quality and simplicity are unparalleled. 

Marty Walsh is a faculty member at Berklee School of Music: Recordings with LeAnn Rimes, Supertramp, Donna Summer, Eddie Money, Neil Diamond and many more; Songs recorded by Gary Wright, Air Supply, and Agnetha Faltskog of Abba; Wrote and produced songs or cues for 20th Century Fox Film, NBC TV, CBS TV, Entertainment Tonight and more...

Kevin Savigar

When I sit down to write I often need a great groove. With Drums On Demand I can easily and quickly find something that works perfectly without having to interrupt the creative process. In some situations the feel and groove of the loops will take me somewhere I wouldn't have thought of. It's become an integral part of my songwriting process.

The loops are recorded really well with plenty of punch and power, and there are plenty of options within each set to be able to construct a brilliant drum track. The grooves feel great and whenever I drop one into a track the song jumps to life. The ease of use together with the amount of different possibilities takes the headache out of drum production. -- Kevin Savigar

Kevin Savigar is a London born, Los Angeles based producer, writer, and keyboardist. He has won multiple ASCAP and RIAA awards for songs he has cowritten with sales of over 40 million

John Leventhal

john leventhal uses dod drum loopsA Grammy-winning musician, producer, songwriter, and recording engineer, John Leventhal has worked with Rosanne Cash, Michelle Branch, Shawn Colvin, Elvis Costello, Bruce Hornsby and many, many others, As a songwriter he has had more than 100 songs recorded by various artists. In 1998 he won the Grammy for Record and Song of the year for producing and co-writing the song "Sunny Came Home.”

A Cubase user, John finds Drums On Demand useful as both a writer and producer. “Until recently I was just grabbing DOD audio files and dragging them into Cubase and creating song forms when writing and demoing. Recently we put all the DOD grooves into Stylus for easier access,” John says. “It's a great product. The DOD team has done an excellent job. As far as usable loop libraries goes, it's the best I've heard.”

“I am currently using DOD quite a bit for writing and demoing” says Leventhal, who is using Drums on Demand as a sort of standard. “Time will tell how many DOD bits make it to the final mix, but the session drummers better be good, because these grooves are solid, well-played and well-recorded.” 

Learn more about John's recent work as co-producer of Rosanne Cash's  CD, "The River & The Thread." (Photo courtesy rosannecash.com)



Tony Shimkin

Tony Shimkin

DOD is easily my favorite and go-to source for live drum tracks. The variety of performances within each selection are indispensable. Way too often have I found a great drum part from another library, only to be disappointed by the lack of variety in sections and fills. My workflow in writing sessions never suffers when I Have DOD available to drop into my Pro Tools sessions. I can't recall what my work was like before I began using DOD. Their constantly expanding libraries and variation of styles is awesome, and I always look forward to the notification I receive of a new release. -- Tony Shimkin

Madonna, Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney, Prince, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor, Fergie, Elton John; scored spots for Ford, Chevy, MTV, McDonalds, Pepsi, Coke, Visa, Calvin Klein; film work for Sony, Universal, Paramount, Lionsgate.

Randy Bachman

I must have tried ten different drum programs … and they were just too complicated. When we got a copy of Drums On Demand, I went, ‘This is amazing. This is incredible.’ The drum sounds are fantastic. The loops are great. Absolutely amazing. I use that on every track on our album ... that was the inspiration. -- Randy Bachman
As member of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive (and the reunited Bachman-Turner) Randy Bachman has written some of the greatest riffs and songs in the history of rock, including "American Woman" and "Taken Care of Business."

Carlitos Del Puerto

Drums on Demand has the quality and variety I was searching for in a drum Library. And to top it off they are user friendly. In other words, super easy to use and work with. I highly recommend them.  -- Carlitos Del Puerto 

Carlitos has worked with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Steve Lukather, to Max Weinberg and Bruce Springsteen.

Rick DePofi

Like most producers and arrangers, the first thing you need to develop an idea is a feel or beat. And in the heat of the moment , DOD gets you there quickly. Great feel, great sound, and set up right. Don't be surprised when they make it to the final mix either. -- Rick DePofi
Some credits: Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Mojo Mancini, Michelle Branch, Joan Osborne)

Terry Lawless on DOD drum loopsTerry Lawless

"DOD files are arranged logically and have variation without a lot of editing. These tracks have high end that make the cymbals speak in a realistic manner, and the kick and snare are always solid. Drums on Demand is a must in my DAW arsenal. Easy - high quality - believable."
U2, Cher, Chicago, & Backsteet Boys