Drum Loop Glossary

drum loopsIf you are new to Drums On Demand drum loops, here is a quick glossary to get you started with how we name and organize our volumes.

Song Sets: Each of our drum loop volumes feature anywhere from 10-30 Songs Sets (drum loops that "go together") organized into individual beats-per-minute folders.

Master Loops: At the very top of each Song Set folder there are several !Master Loops. Their file names start with an exclamation point so when sorted alphabetically, they are at the very top. These are the main or core drum beats in the Song Set. If you need a drum beat to write to, or start with, begin with these loops.

Section Loop: Our patented, hierarchical naming system is based on the main types of song sections in popular music: Verse, Chorus, Intro, Bridge and sometimes Outro, etc. These loops include extensions that signify that they also include a variation (vs.alt) or fill (vs.fill) or other element: vs.crash (crash cymbal) or vs.rim (verse beat with a rim shot not a snare). It's this feature that allows you to create a realistic drum track quickly.

Other Loops: There are also other loops, mainly standalone fills that can be used anywhere, that aren't associated directly with a song section type (fill1, fill2, etc.)

Loop Layers: Some volumes feature Loop Layers (ie LL.kick, LL.snare) in each Song Set. Loop Layers are isolated kick, snare, rim, hat and ride loops (based on the major grooves in a Song Set) that allow you to make your own specific beats, breakdowns and sparser elements. Think of them as single-hit loops or faux multitrack loops.

Single Hits: Most of our volumes include either a generic drum sample single hits folder with various singles hits for the entire volume, including a variety of velocities (ex. Snare: sn.v1 sn.v2, etc.). Some include both left and right hits and different velocities (Sn.L1, Sn.R1).