A Guide To Our Drums Loops

The Drums On Demand Difference 

Intuitive Drum Loop Organization: Our patented "Song Set" system of naming and organizing drum loops provides an easy way to assemble tracks quickly in your recording or loop software. No more hunting through poorly labeled files. For example, the loop you've highlighted -- Verse.Rim.Crash --  is a two-bar verse-groove loop, featuring a side-stick and a crash at the beginning. Each Song Set includes several Master Loops and up to 75 verse, chorus, bridge, fill, alternate and ending loops.

Precise Tempo Tagging & Editing of Drum Loops: Unlike some other companies that merely computer-place the crucial, tempo-stretchings tags, each of our stereo loops is "hand-Acidized" -- meticulously hand tightened and cut, tags hand-adjusted, and sound-checked for quality. The result? A perfect blend between the art and science of loop making -- which means higher quality audio at tempos farther way from the original BPM. No frustrating clicks, pop or bad edits.

Unsurpassed Realism: Along with a growing list of guest artists, our original acoustic tracks are "reverse engineered" to create fluid loops that feel and sound like a live artist no matter how you put them back together. With as many as 75 loops in a Song Set (sometimes 2-3 times more you can keep looping to a minimum. Other realistic frills include crash and other loops that extend over two or more bars. Generally, lower priced volumes offer more breadth in styles (but fewer loops per Song Set) while higher priced volumes offers more depth in each Song Set. Generally, it's the average number of loops per Song Set on a volume that determines price point. 

Radio-Ready Mix: Over and above creative drumming from our artists and imppecable editing, the other thing that sets Drums On Demand apart is our major-label mix. You need a mix that will make your tracks come alive. What some novice recordists don't understand is that you can't just "add reverb or compression at the end of a stereo mix." We painstakingly add just enough live room and other minor processing, as we build the mix to create a balance between a drum track that fits your song and one that has virtually no personality at all. This is our secret sauce. 

Loop Layers & Single Hits: In addition to basic single hits on our lower-priced products, higher priced volumes include extensive multi-velocity single hits and Loop Layers. Loop Layers are isolated multitrack parts you can use in various combinations to build totally new grooves and breakdown sections (kick, hat, snare, etc.) If you are just looking for single hit samples, we've packaged many of our single hits into a line of drum sample instruments for several popular platforms.

Multiple Formats & Multitrack Editions: Some loop companies offer only the most popular (profitable) formats. We offer a variety of formats and editions to complement the way you work with your platform: 24-bit or 16-Bit Acidized WAVs, REX and Apple Loops. Should you ever change platforms and need another format, our reduced crossgrade pricing allows you to easily to get the new format you need. For those who want total control and flexibility, many volumes are offered in raw WAV multitrack drum loops format.

5-Star Customer Service: We take pride in our ever-expanding list of return and first-time customers. On product pages you'll see hundred and hundred of reviews from verified customers. Drums On Demand are used on everything from chart-topping albums, to Nashville demos, to television shows, to bedroom jam sessions. We offer discount coupons to existing customers and run our business "for the long run." So much so, we offer this money-back guarantee.