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Importing Loops into iOS Garageband and Other Audio Apps

You can import Drums On Demand Apple Loops and WAV loops for use in Garageband on your iPad or iPhone and any other apps that allow importing of audio. More on this later, but we recommend you import and use one Song Set (BPM folder) at a time. Here's how:1) First find or unzip your DOD loops package. Either Apple Loops or WAVs will work. In this case we are using Apple Loops.2) Plug in your iPad or iPhone and launch iTunes. Select your iOS device under devices, then click on the "Apps" tab. In the Apps area scroll to the..  - Read More

Getting the Drum Track You Want

Quint on drum track workflowsGreat drum tracks are essential for any songwriter or producer and there are a variety of ways to get the track you want. Following are some of the basic "software-based" drum track workflows if you want a live drum sound, but don't have a studio and session drummer at your beck and call. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

Step-By-Step Apple Loops Install

In this post we'll walk through installing Apple Loops in Garageband; other than the graphics, the process is exactly the same for Logic. You can watch a video of the Garageband drum loops install starting at step 3 here as well. 1. If you purchased a download, then locate the .zip file and unzip. There may be several of them depending on the size of your purchase. In this case we are unzipping Vol. 4 Apple Loops (Country N Crossover I). 2. Double click on the .zip file to begin decompression.  3. After the file has unzipped, select..  - Read More

Are Your Multitrack Drum Loops Tempo-Adjustable in Logic?

Are Your Multitrack Drum Loops Tempo-Adjustable in Logic? Jeff S.  The short answer is no, the longer answer is yes. The no part: The files are non-acidized, but raw WAV files, meaning they have not been tempo tagged. Why? Because it can be a very labor-intensive task and many programs nowadays do so with internal algorithms or other plug-ins. For example, Pro Tools has its own plug-in called Elastic Audio, and Ableton Live does so internally as well. I believe Cubase has this capability as well. We hand-tag all of our stereo loops, thus to hand tag the multitrack loops..  - Read More

Re-installing Apple Loops in Garageband

Sometimes Apple Loops and Garageband can be a little difficult. Apple tries so hard to "idiot-proof" things that it becomes more difficult than it should be. Sometimes the Apple loop index gets corrupted, or you want to re-install your drum loops for some reason. In this video we show you: 1) How to find the hidden Apple Loops folder in Lion/Mountain Lion and get the loops back to the desktop. 2) How to find and delete the loop index so GB can create a new one. 3) How to install the Apple Loops back into Garageband.  - Read More

Fists of Righteous Harmony Instrumental CD

David Thomas and Fists of Righteous Harmony guitarist/bassist Steve Vaccariello have jammed together since 1991. A few years ago, Thomas began mixing DOD loops in with his playing, and it has allowed the two to finally complete tracks and make instrumental rock that “we are both proud of."

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