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Step-By-Step Apple Loops Install

In this post we'll walk through installing Apple Loops in Garageband; other than the graphics, the process is exactly the same for Logic. You can watch a video of the Garageband drum loops install starting at step 3 here as well. 1. If you purchased a download, then locate the .zip file and unzip. There may be several of them depending on the size of your purchase. In this case we are unzipping Vol. 4 Apple Loops (Country N Crossover I). 2. Double click on the .zip file to begin decompression.  3. After the file has unzipped, select..  - Read More

Are Your Multitrack Drum Loops Tempo-Adjustable in Logic?

Are Your Multitrack Drum Loops Tempo-Adjustable in Logic? Jeff S.  The short answer is no, the longer answer is yes. The no part: The files are non-acidized, but raw WAV files, meaning they have not been tempo tagged. Why? Because it can be a very labor-intensive task and many programs nowadays do so with internal algorithms or other plug-ins. For example, Pro Tools has its own plug-in called Elastic Audio, and Ableton Live does so internally as well. I believe Cubase has this capability as well. We hand-tag all of our stereo loops, thus to hand tag the multitrack loops..  - Read More

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