Fists of Righteous Harmony Instrumental CD

David Thomas and Fists of Righteous Harmony guitarist/bassist Steve Vaccariello have jammed together since 1991. A few years ago, Thomas began mixing DOD loops in with his playing, and it has allowed the two to finally complete tracks and make instrumental rock that “we are both proud of,” says Thomas, who uses Drums On Demand in Apple’s Soundtrack.

“The best thing about DOD is that they can be made to sound exactly like a drummer playing live with other people,” Thomas explains. “Typically, I am sought out by musicians who have completed a song except for the drums, and they ask if I can make a drum track for them. When I complete a drum track using DOD, listeners are always surprised to learn that it was constructed using loops. They are the most important, and the most used tool in my recording toolbox.”

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