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How to Write a Song using a Song Construction Kit

Utilizing a song construction kit while songwriting has enabled songwriters and musicians to speed up the songwriting process and build a solid foundation in their songwriting. Because a song construction kit is organized with high quality instrument sound loops, it allows songwriters to quickly build a song from scratch, or build upon existing ideas. Writers block has no room during this process because you're able to hear your ideas come to life quickly and any fine-tuning can be done after the structure of the song is already in place. It's in those moments of inspiration that speed is key to..  - Read More

How to choose a time signature for your next song, using drum loops

In Western cultures, songs in 4/4 are in no short supply. Because much of popular music today is dance music, 4/4 is the go to time signature since it’s easy to find the beat and dance to, even for those with no musical training. Listen to your audience! When considering how to choose a time signature for your next song, there are some who would argue that 4/4 is overused, boring and repetitive. This group would urge you to try different time signatures and branch out. I urge you to consider the genre of music you want to be in..  - Read More

Songwriting Tip: U2 "Raised By Wolves"

The new U2 track, “Raised By Wolves,” of the “Songs of Innocence” is an excellent example of great songwriting in terms of building melodic intensity and climax. The melody of each section of the song — verse to lift to chorus — slowly moves up in pitch little by little. Any songwriter can learn from what Bono and the boys are doing here. Let’s take a closer look:Verse: The melody of the verse ranges from Eb to Bb (C2), seven half steps, with the melody generally moving in a downward direction.||Lift or pre-chorus: The lower verse melody is then followed..  - Read More

"Let It Go” — Five Lyrical Lessons For Songwriters

The soundtrack from Frozen topped the Billboard charts again this week. Here are five lessons songwriters can learn from the lyrics of the hit song, “Let It Go." A theme of deliverance: At its core “Let it Go” is not about letting it go. The song is about deliverance (freedom), a common theme in art and literature. It’s a universal theme we all relate to, no matter what situation we are in. “I’m free” strikes at the heart of the human experience. The idea of deliverance becomes even stronger because the song is sung in first person as well. Use..  - Read More

Me and "Taylor Swift"

So the other night I walked upstairs and caught my 11-year-old daughter sliding across the floor in Tom Cruise-like, "Risky Business" fashion singing Taylor Swift's "Trouble" via my Spotfiy account. She sounded so good I grabbed my Taylor acoustic -- it was Family Band time. A Google search got me the chart fast enough. (Always amazed at how a few simple chords can earn you a million dollars.) But we still needed a groove! I scanned a number of DOD drum loop volumes but couldn't find quite the right loop. DIY time. So I grabbed a shaker loop and a sticks..  - Read More

Creative Rhymes in this Week's Billboard Top 10

I was having a discussion this week with a friend about Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and how he was able to rhyme that seemingly difficult title in a variety of creative ways including "What's it To You?" While you could devote a whole book to the different rhyme types, it got me thinking about how important softer and more creative rhymes are to songwriting. So I took a look at this week's Billboard Hot 100.  While there are plenty of perfect and cliche rhymes in these songs, virtually all of them had some pretty creative or soft rhymes to inspire any..  - Read More

Four Proven Ways to Start a Song

I was reading this interview with Lifehouse's Jason Wade in American Songwriter and he discusses how he wrote "Hanging By A Moment" in a matter of about 10 minutes.

This is one of many anecdotes I've heard about some hit songs being written in a very short amount of time. Some songwriters say there are the songs that really are work and take sometimes years to write and then there are the magic ones that come in a dream or in a channel-like state as Wade describes.

The Saddest Song Ever Written?

Drum loop blog by Quint RandleAre you a "sad songwriter?" Last year Rolling Stone made a stab at picking the saddest song ever written. If I could have written that article, I might have changed it a bit. Would you? Plus from a songwriting perspective, I identify some basic characteristics of "sad" songs.

Hey Professor ...

Courtesy glennfreyafterhours.comSo you're a college student at NYU and your dad happens to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Next thing you know your dad is there with you too -- teaching songwriting. The Eagles' Glenn Frey has been teaching a class in the music department over the last few months, which culminated in an Eagle's concert at The Beacon and a few students from the class as the opening act.

Showcase Your Music

Get you or band showcased on the Drums On Demand web site or here on the blog. Submit a track with the additional info below. The featured track must obviously include our products. Cut and paste the list below into an email message, fill it out, attach the MP3, and then email it to "info at sign drums on demand dot com." We reserve the right to make final showcase decisions. We have really been enjoying the submissions we’ve been receiving and are continually integrating them into our web site, blog and other places. 1) You/Your Band Name. 2) Web site..  - Read More

Helping You Write A Song With My Co-Writer

By Quint Randle If you are searching about how to write a song, we think you've come to the right place — My Co-Writer. The writing process can be complex whether you're goal is to be a staff writer in Nashville or signed to a major label. The music industry is based on solid songwriting and My Co-Writer is like having a secret collaborator serving great songs for you to finish writing and is designed for both novice and experienced songwriters and producers. There are lots of songwriting books and songwriting tips out there that offer instruction on basic song structure..  - Read More

Songwriting tip: Find it deep inside yourself

Writing a song that it pure is always a battle. Roger Hodgson, who wrote major hits for Supertramp back in the 70s, says to do it alone.  "They really come from my own life experiences so that, I think, other people related to them and were feeling the same things I was. I was just able to express them. I wrote them when I was alone." Read the complete article and more songwriting tips from Hodgson at  - Read More

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