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"Acoustic Roots" — Band On Demand V

Easy-to-use loop construction kit for roots, Americana, country styles and more.


1100+ drum loops and single hits inspired by some of the best drumming of the 1970s.

Introducing our new line of guitar loops

More than 1300 rock guitars loops in 24 "Riff" sets.

Groove Bank: Drums On Demand ... In The Palm of Your Hand

New app for iPhone, iPad and iPod gives instant access and looping on up to 500 master drum loops.

Drum Loops & More from Drums On Demand

From drum loops and drum samples, to write-a-song loop construction sets and template tracks, our music software will inspire your songwriting and expedite your  production. Get above and beyond the stock library and "toy" sounds that come with most recording software with our line of "radio-ready" loops, samples, tracks and more. From producing a song demo, to scoring a network TV show, to producing a No. 1 Billboard album ... Songs Start Here.

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