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Blues 'N' Boogie Drum Loops

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Blues N Boogie offers a wide variety blues drum loops in classic, rock shuffles and styles. Blues drum patterns for pop, rock and country projects. With everything from straight 4/4s to 12/8 shuffles, the 21 super-deep Song Sets evoke everything from the wide open blues of the Texas plains to the smoky stages of the Chicago blues clubs. A fat snare, natural-sounding kick, and deep and dampened toms are presented in a clean and present mix. 


More than 1200 Loops, Loop Layers & Single Hits in 21 Song Sets   Recorded at 24-bit 96Khz, then downsampled to 44.1   Snare- and rim-based grooves Many half-time sections  110 megs matching multi-velocity single hits   Tempos ranging from 79-240 BPM  Nearly 1.4 gigs of content (24-Bit WAV edition)  Royalty-free Patented organization system Optional Multitrack WAV upgrade  Scroll through previews below

Other features include: Even longer loops for increased realism (some as long as four bars); an increased variety of .alt loops; verse and chorus fills also include verse and chorus groove for more ease-of-use and realism; many Song Sets include multiple-bar dynamic build sections; increased attention to even wider variety within Song Sets: more intro, verse, chorus, bridge and half-time loops (when appropriate). In other words, each Song Set has more choices and depth than ever.