Blues Drum Kit Technical Notes

 Kit: a real deep, robust and dryer sound; a deep snare dampened a fare amount; bigger, lower toms with dampenening as well; larger cymbals in general too. A bigger, fatter, meatier sound works well with slower tunes and more organic types of music. DW maple kit. 12, 14, 16" toms 22" kick drum. 6-1/2x14" Yamaha oak snare. 15" K Zildjian Hats. 22" K Zildjian HIgh definition ride. 19",18",17" Sabian evolution crashes, 20" Wunhan China Cymbal. Miking: Kick: AKG D112, Sennheiser E602, Yamaha Subkik Snare (Top): Shure SM57, Microtech Gefell UM72. Snare (Bottom): Shure SM57, Shure SM81. Hats: AKG C451B Toms: Sennheiser E604 Cymbals/Overhead: AT 4040 Stereo Room: Crown Stereo PZM Additional Xtreme Room Mics: Soundelux U195, AKG C414 Analog Console: Neotek Series III C (Snare, Toms & XTreme Mics) Outboard preamps/equalizers: Universal Audio 2108, Vintech Audio 473 (Kick & Hats), Sytek MPX4A (Rooms) Compressors: TubeTech LCA2B, Urei 1176LN, Universal Audio LA2A