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Our Solid Rock drum loops library offers 23 deep Song Sets of no-nonsense, no-excuses, rock drumming. 1200 royalty free drum loops, segments and single hits (1.4 gigs of material in 24-bit WAV format). Choose from popular tempo-changing formats for virtually all software and DAWs: 24- or 16-Bit Acidized WAV, Apple Loops & REX. An optional multitrack upgrade is also available.


From smoldering slow grooves to full-throttle up-tempos, Solid Rock provides a colorful palette of contemporary and classic drum beats that are infinitely adaptable to your song or project. Simply find the Master Loop that fits your song and then choose from as many as 63 other loops in each Song Set to complete your project with uparallelled realism. (The possibilities are endless because each Song Set includes an average of 44 verse, fill, intro, chorus, verse, bridge, pre-chorus, alt, ending and other loops). This powerful collection is ideal for rock, alternative, rowdy pop and even rougher country. A consistent sound across the entire volume makes mixing and matching easy. Plus, there many longer loops for increased realism. 

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1200 loops and single hits in 23 super-deep Song Sets. Loop Layers too.  Mostly stick on snare, but some sidestick on rim included  All straight-time -- no odd time; Some double-time sections; 110 megs of matching multi-velocity WAV single hits; Tempos ranging from 69-159 BPM; Matching mix across entire volume for using loops from different Song Sets; High-end 44.1 K, quality mix; Royalty-free; Patented organization system; Click here for technical notes on recording, microphones and drum kit.