Patented Drum Loop System

Our patented naming and organization system includes Song Sets® organized by BPM and style (U.S. Patent No. 11/185,551). Each folder includes quickly identifiable Master Loops™ (!verse, !chorus, etc.) as well as variations and alternates, plus multiple matching fill, break and bridge loops, etc. Song Sets™ feature as many as 45 loops and segments, ranging from a half measure to five measures in length. Depending on the price point, DOD loop types provide a great deal of variation and depth so you can build a pro-level, live-sounding drum track quickly and easily.

Our most expensive volumes have more and deeper Song Sets. They key is that each Song Set has easy-to-recognize names and extensions. Great drum loops for Pro Tools, Cakewalk, Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Garageband (Apple Loops), Acid, Live, most DAWs, and many more.

Don't take the names too literally. Just because a loop is named “Bridge” doesn’t mean you have to use it in a bridge. Names are there to create an organized palette for you to work from. You may find that the bridge loop is the verse loop for your project. You can also change the basic structure and feels of loops by adding or removing (or moving) a kick or a snare. For example, it is easy to add another kick or snare within a measure, by copying and pasting an 1/8 note segment from another spot in that loop, or a completely different loop. Or, you can totally delete a kick (or sometimes a snare) by pasting in a 1/8 note hi-hat from another spot in that loop or another loop in the Song Set. You can also replace a 1/8th note snare hit with a rim hit from another Song Set.