Solid Rock Recording Notes

Solid Rock Drum Loops and Samples Kit: Yamaha Absolute Maple Nouveau 10, 13, and 16” toms and a 22” kick drum. Snare: 14” Kansas City Drumworks custom Maple. Rounding out the set were 14” Zildjian Master sound hats, Sabian evolution crashes and 21”sabian dry ride. Mics, etc. Snare main: Shure SM57 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Snare bottom: Shure SM57 through Vintech 473 preamp/eq Snare color: Microtech Gefell UM72 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Toms (3): Sennheiser E604 through Vintech X73i preamp/eq Kick close : AKG D112 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Kick color: Sennheiser E602 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Hats: AKG C451B through Vintech 473 preamp/eq Cymbals- Coles ribbon mics through Old School Audio model L preamp pair Stereo Room: Crown Stereo Ambient Sampling System through Old School Audio model A pair then to Tube Tech LCA2B Extreme ambient mics: Soundelux U195 and AKG 414 through Old School Audio model L3 pair, then to Empirical Labs Distressor/ Universal Audio LA2A Leveling Amplifier.