Billy Martin: Loops From The Underground
drum loops from the underground
Billy Martin at Underground Drum Loop Sessions
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Billy Martin: Loops From The Underground

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1800 drum loops and single hit drum samples in 33 DOD Song Sets. Based on 13 original Billy Martin grooves and variations. The live acoustic drum loops by Billy cover a wide range of tempos and styles -- rock, funk, jazz, afro, hip hop and more. A totally dry and alternative style mix. Groove variations, fills, intros, stops, and endings are all included for virtually infinite drum track creations in your DAW. Offered in Acid WAV, Apple Loop and REX format. Free bonus: General MIDI file versions of the grooves! Loops From The Underground is a unique addition to your songwriting and production arsenal.

Billy Martin is an internationally acclaimed drummer/multi percussionist for Medeski, Martin and Wood. Well known and highly respected for his innovative rhythms, creative approach, and manic improvisational skills over a wide range of styles, Billy continues to push the art of drumming and rhythm to a higher level. Billy is a unique artist in the truest sense, and this collection of drum loops captures his incredible ability to create and inspire.

Previews: MP3 previews of all 33 Riff/Song Sets. Each preview made with 5-7 drum loops. Trouble with this player? Click on the CD cover at the bottom of the player.

Loops From The Underground Details
Due to the style of music and production, LFTU features a modified DOD naming system. Instead of traditional verse and chorus song parts, we have named the Master Loops Riff1, Riff2, etc. Additional name extensions are exactly like our patented, hiearchical naming system. (We used this same approach on our Manic Metal volumes as well.) And as noted by the same Song Set names, there are a number of similar Song Sets at different BPMs but there are significant variations in the core grooves.

  • More than 1150 drum loops, plus nearly 700 multi-velocity single hits
  • Almost 2 gigs of content (24-bit WAV version)
  • 33 Song Set BPM folders featuring main riffs and associated fills, alts, intros, etc.
  • Average of 35 loops, fills, etc. per Song Set.
  • Free General MIDI files of the grooves
  • High-end 44.1K mix; royalty-free license (like all our volumes)
  • Hand-edited and tagged for tempo shifting
  • 24-Bit & 16-Bit WAV (Acidized), Apple Loops and REX formats ($49.95)
  • Digital download or shipped on data DVD.