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Warm and Natural Acoustic Drum Loops

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Featuring "Organically grown" drum loops with minimal processing, "Warm & Natural" offers up 25 Song Sets for your acoustic-oriented projects. That's more than 1000 drum loops and single hits. Its earthy and "wooden" approach is perfect for everything from modern folk, to acoustic blues, to alt country. It all starts with the 1962 Slingerland wood snare (8" x 15") that provides a deeper and "more round" sound. This, combined with a lighter and smoother playing style, allows seemless integration into the overall acoustic environment (unlike typical pop/rock drum mixes which are more aggressive).

In addition to stick and side-stick snares grooves, there are many brush- and Blastix-based grooves as well. If you're producing natural and relatively unplugged music, then you'll find "Warm & Natural" an indispensable tool for your songwriting and production. There is a wide range of starting BPMs (59 to 179), but many are mid- and down-tempo due to the natural tendencies acoustic styles of music. Like all our volumes, simply find the master loop that fits your song and then choose from as many as 44 other loops in each Song Set to complete your project with unparalleled realism. Technical notes here.

  • 1100 loops and single hits in 25 deep Song Sets; including 27 Loop Layers
  • More than one gigabyte of content
  • Ideal for every acoustic and semi-acoustic -- folk, blues, alt, country
  • Many brush, rim and Blastix grooves; some odd-time
  • Stereo editions: 24-BIT Acid WAVs, 16-BiT Acid WAVs, Apple Loops or REX
  • Optional upgrade to 24-Bit Multitrack WAV, $49.95
  • 200 megs of matching multi-velocity single hits (sticks and brushes)
  • High-end 44.1K mix; Royalty-free (like all our volumes)
  • Easy-to-use, patented organization system
  • Scroll through previews below (each made with about 5-6 loops)