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Snare main: Shure SM57 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Snare bottom: Shure SM57 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Snare color: Microtech Gefell UM70 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Toms (3): Sennheiser E604 through Vintech X73i preamp/eq Kick close: AKG D112 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Kick color 1: Sennheiser E602 through Neotek IIIC preamp/eq Hats: Oktava MC012 through Vintech 473 preamp/eq Cymbals overhead: AKG C451B pair through Old School Audio model L preamp pair Stereo Room: Fathead ribbon pair through Millennia Media HV3 preamp then to Tube Tech LCA2B compressor Xtreme ambient mics: Crown SASS through Universal Audio 2108 preamp and UA 1176 compressors. Mixed through Vintech Audio X73i and Empirical Labs EL7

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