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Upbeat & Aggressive Rock Drum Loops

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1,700 royalty free rock drum loops and matching drum sample hits in 25 easy-to-use Song Sets (great for indie rock too). Choose from an average of 45 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, endings and other loops in each Song Set. Includes many Loop Layers -- that allow you to create your own matching multi-channel groove loops and breakdowns (isolated kick, snare, rim, hat and ride patterns that you can combine in almost limitless ways).

Each Song Set also includes 20 multi-velocity single hit drum samples as well. This combination of standard loops, Loop Layers and single hits provides the kind of control and variability never before available in a stereo loop collection. Quickly find the loops that fit -- or you can build and mix your own so buy rock drum loops today.  Technical notes on recording, microphones and drum kit here.

  • Patented organization 
  • Extensive fills, alts, intros some half-time, double-time, break-down sections 
  • 73 to 188 BPM (most above 120); Mostly 4/4, but some odd-time Song Sets
  • 12 different snares used on multiple drums kits  
  • Rim-based loops and rim single hits 
  • Available in "Acidized" WAV (16- and 24-bit), REX2 and Apple Loops formats
  • Multitrack WAV upgrade available too
  • Scroll thru the previews below. Each made with about 4-6 loops.