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More 4/4 Drum Loops

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900+ straight-time drum loops to inspire the songwriter in you. Organized in 30 easy-to-use Song Sets. Features a variety of crossover kits, styles and tempos great for rock, pop and country songs. Simply find the Master Loop that fits your project and use the other loops and segments in the Song Set to quickly build a drum track that feels and sounds like a live drummer. Click here for technical notes on recording, microphones and drum kit. 

"More 4/4" Details


  • 900+ loops and single hits in 30 Song Sets; some Loop Layers
  • Mostly stick on snare, but some sidestick on rim included
  • Stereo editions: 24-BIT Acid WAVs, 16-BiT Acid WAVs, Apple Loops or REX
  • Optional upgrade to 24-Bit Multitrack WAV, $49.95
  • Includes generic single hits collection
  • High-end 44.1K mix
  • Royalty-free (like all our volumes)
  • Easy to use, patented organization
  • Scroll through previews below (each made with about 5-6 loops)