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Contemporary Country Drum Loops

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Features 1800 country drum loops in 24 super deep Song Sets. There's everything from classic ballads, to train beats (paddle balls), to shuffles, as well popular four-on-the floors. Plus, there are lots of crossover grooves; pop/rock style grooves so prevalent on today's country charts. With radio-friendly grooves and sounds, Contemporary Country offers the depth of loops only our Studio Series can provide. 

  • Tempos ranging from 60-145 BPM
  • 1800 loops and single hits in 24 BPM "Song Sets" (1.8 gigs)
  • 11 different snares, plenty of side-stick too 
  • 250+ megs of multi-velocity snare and single hits 
  • Extensive Loop Layers 
  • Optional upgrade to 24-Bit Multitrack WAV, $49.95
  • High-end 44.1K mix; Royalty-free; Patented Organization
  • Stereo editions: 24-BIT Acid WAVs, 16-BiT Acid WAVs, Apple Loops or REX
  • Scroll through previews below (each made with about 5-6 loops)