New Reason 6 Refill: Solid Rock Reloaded!

Reason 6 Drum LoopsSolid Rock drum loops and drum sample kit optimized for Propellerheads Reason 6 and higher. These new Reason Refills contain a template for each song set (style and tempo specific) in the Reason song file format that include a DrOctoRex player pre-loaded with the appropriate loops for each part of the song (intro, verse, chorus, etc) and then routed into a Combinator that features a bunch of useful effects and tone shaping options. To top it all off, there is even a matching NN-XT midi instrument with a sampled drum kit that matches the tonality of the loops. So you can program your own fills without cutting and pasting single hit wav files!

So you get 1200 Solid Rock drum loops and our Solid Rock sample kit all optimized in an awesome Propellerheads Reason Refill. More than 1+ gig of material.


-Copy the Refill folder from your downloads folder to your desired destination on your hard drive.  

-Start up Reason

-From the file> open menu in Reason, double click the Refill, and then go to the "SONG SET TEMPLATES-START HERE" folder

-Choose a song set at the tempo you'd like and double click

-When the song opens up you will see the rack with a Combinator and a number of effects and mixer, along with a bunch of DrOctoRex players and finally an NN-XT sampler.

-In the tracks window you will see a track for each of the Rex players.  Each one of these players is loaded with loops that correspond to a specific part of the song.  There is one for the intro, another one for the verse, another one for the chorus, etc.  Just press play and audition the loops available for that song set. Use the pointer in the tracks window to can easily rearrange the order in which the loops are triggered in the rex players. 

- At the bottom of the tracks window you will see midi note information that will give you an idea of what you can do with the matching drum kit loaded into the NN-XT sampler.   So you aren't limited to the audio loops--you can program whatever you'd like via your preferred method of midi note generation and have your programmed parts match the audio loops.

-The Combinator has a number of custom presets and controls to tweak the overall sound. 

The Attitude knob increases grit and compression from the Pulveriser

The Damage knob mixes in more destruction from Scream and the Room is reverb and Delay is self explanatory

The de-boom and presence switches engage a couple of filters to do what is described

Check out the mixer to see what comes in where and to change the balance if required.  The effects are pretty much all inline except for the delay, reverb and scream, which are on a send/return 

Check out the back of the rack to see the complete signal path.

All the Dr Rex players are combined in a stereo single channel via the spiders, so be sure leave those in the signal path. 

You can use the copy/paste devices and tracks function to add this setup to your existing song, or vice-versa.  Be sure to select all devices or you might just get the part of the setup and will end up not having anything going into the master mixer. 

Check out the intro video for a rambling tour through the above topics.

DOD License: A non-transferable, royalty-free license is granted for use and performance of Drums On Demand loops and samples in the buyer’s compositions and productions -- commercial and otherwise. The license does not include their use in making and distributing any audio loops or samples (ie. competitive products). Any use, distribution, re-sale or reproduction of these samples, or any part thereof, for any other purpose is expressly prohibited.

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