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New Reason 6 Refill: Solid Rock Reloaded!

Solid Rock drum loops and drum sample kit optimized for Propellerheads Reason 6 and higher. These new Reason Refills contain a template for each song set (style and tempo specific) in the Reason song file format that include a DrOctoRex player pre-loaded with the appropriate loops for each part of the song (intro, verse, chorus, etc) and then routed into a Combinator that features a bunch of useful effects and tone shaping options. To top it all off, there is even a matching NN-XT midi instrument with a sampled drum kit that matches the tonality of the loops. So you..  - Read More

Importing REX drum loops in to Stylus RMX using the Sage Converter

DOD REX drum loops can be imported and used in Stylus RMX via the Sage Converter. This is a utility that is made by and comes with Stylus RMX. It should be located in the applications folder after installation of Stylus. This is one of the many videos provided by Stylus and talks specifically about importing third-party REX drum loop libraries using the Sage converter. You never know how completely up to date manufacturer videos are, but this should getting you going if you are new to Drums On Demand REX loops as well as Stylus RMX. Stylus RMX Video..  - Read More


We are in the process of transferring tutorials from our old site and database to the new one. That's why you see so many recent dates. Thanks for your patience. There are more to come. If you have any questions or would like to request a tutorial, please click on the contact us button at the top of the page. Thanks, The Studio Soundware Team  - Read More

Mixcraft Tutorial

Mixcraft loops that come with Mixcraft software are a good starting point. But if you want to take your production to a new level, check out our Mixcraft-compatible products. You can use our drum loops, song kits, midi loops and full-length My Co-Writer tracks in Mixcraft. Here's how:

Bass On Demand Loops in Logic

While these quick bass loop tips are for Logic Studio, the basic concepts are the same in most software. The Acidized and Apple Loops format of Bass On Demand contain pitch information. So to change chords in a song you'll want to change the chords in the Global Tracks timeline in Logic. The screen shot shows the chords going from G to D to C, etc. What you first want to do is set up your chord changes as if you were writing a lead sheet or chord chart. You then drag and drop the bass loop closest to that..  - Read More

Our Drum Loops In Sony Acid

 A nice tutorial from DOD user Julian Downward. Not only is this a great tutorial for using Drums On Demand in Sony Acid, but it's just a great overview of how to use Drums On Demand in any recording program. In two parts. Thanks, Julian.        - Read More

WAV/Apple Loops Versus REX drum loops

Unlike just a few years ago many of today’s software platforms allow you the choice of using several loop formats. Some programs support all three major formats: Acidized WAVs, Apple Loops and REX files. When this is the case, which format should you choose? Without turning this into a technical examination as to how they are created and differ, here’s the typical advice I give. It’s not all black and white and is based somewhat on personal preference: For a novice user, REX files I think can be difficult to work with because in some programs the beat slices can..  - Read More

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