User reviews quickly hit 100 mark

In just a few short weeks, DOD drum loops and other products have received more than 100 user reviews via the new Yotpo rating system. The externally-based rating system gives verified product buyers, verified customers and verified reviewers the opportunity to share their experiences with our drum loops, My Co-Writer, Band On Demand and other loop-based studio products. These appear at the bottom of each product page and include both a star-based rating as well as written comments. The verified nature of the Yotpo system ensures the transparent and authentic nature of these reviews. These are real customers and their real experience. 

We are happy to have a review system back on our site again after a number of years without one. We were unable to transfer reviews from our original Yahoo store, but many unsolicited emails appear here. (And some products still don't have reviews on the new site.) We invite all of our customers to write reviews. We also appreciate the constructive feedback and will try to incorporate suggestions into future products.


Quint, Guy & Todd