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"I love your products… I especially appreciate your attention to rhythms that are often ignored in today's music. I will surely keep buying products like that. I will also appreciate a continued exploration of country, blue grass, as well as the sixties and seventies." Peter F., Antwerp Belgium.

"I just want to say how good it is that you guys take the trouble to recognise and respond (in my experience, very quickly) to issues/difficulties raised by customers. I deal frequently with quite a few music hardware and software suppliers, many of whom supply great products, but equally many of whom let themselves and their customers down by appearing indifferent to post-sales difficulties or complaints. In my dealings with DOD you get grade A for support. (Incidentally, you'd get A+ if you did a download service for your Co-Writer sets!). Thanks a lot and keep it going. Steve E.

"Drums on Demand allows me to do the impossible – play drums! Of all the musicians/instruments I interact with, drummers/percussionists represent the most essential and dynamic aspect to my decades long music/songwriting experience and as such I hold drummers/percussionists and their expertise in the highest esteem. As a guitarist primarily I have worked diligently to master the electric and acoustic guitar as well as various other stringed instruments. In particular the bass guitar has been extremely important and I have been pressed into service to play it often, whether live or in the studio. Having played with many accomplished drummers over the years I have come to understand the fundamentals of the rhythm section which has allowed me to utilize Drums on Demand at quite a high level. As a songwriter Drums on Demand elevates and expands my creative process and since personal and professional circumstances prevent the ability to hire or work regularly with a live drummer, I am able to BE the drummer with Drums on Demand and that in itself is incredibly empowering. After almost ten years of working with Drums on Demand I can say without reservation that other than my guitar, Drums on Demand is my most indispensable tool." Chris Morrisette, Oak Grove, Ore.

I think the Band on Demand packages are sensational. I bought all three. I have used them right away, and I am very pleased with the quality, the variety, the compatibility, and usability of the loops. It is very easy to create a song.     Thank you so much Drums on Demand. Norman Mitchell

First of all a Big "Thank You" to DOD for helping me restore some lost DOD drum samples from 2 years ago. I was looking for your "write a review section" - sorry I didn't see it. At the moment I'm using my DOD country drum samples loops 80 - 90 percent of the time on my DAW recording sessions. Studio One Pro 2 has some wonderful drum loops, but I always seem to gravitate to my DOD loops the most. For me your product works just the way I want it to.   Recording is just a hobby for me ... and your company has made it fun for me every time I sit down for a session.  (Or escape from the house.) Mike Greenup in the heart of North Dakota

When I heard samples from Band on Demand, I suddenly felt reborn. BOD is the perfect bridge for singer/songwriters like me who want to hold on to a pinch more individuality, yet don't have the gear or skills to pull it off. No more hours laboring over bass parts, guitar passes and creating drums that match the  content. With Band On Demand I can create, tweak and hit all points in between with minimal gear and setups and still be able to produce a polished outcome in a pre-balanced environment that sounds massive! Rick Fowler (Logic Pro User)

"Drums on Demand has completely changed my music, taking it to another level, in the writing, recording and final sound . I own four DOD, and always find what I am needing for the particular feel of the song I am working on. DOD use in Sonar is natural and flawless whether loops are used as is, or in editing in the track. DOD is my drummer. Vince Sebastian

"Ok, it is simple. You are at the top of the food chain. Here is what you are not... You are not jam-bands, you are not worthless E-bay loops done by amateurs; What you are is a full production house capable of providing outstanding material that is cognitive and makes sense.... Are you more expensive than the others? Absolutely. If I want a cheap pair of shoes I can go to a mall and get 'em at 10 places... If I want a finely crafted pair of Italian shoes then I have to make a choice. Simple really. That is why my speakers are JBL ION's, why my mixer is a Mackie, and my keys are top of the line Rolands and Korgs... And why my drum loops are Drums on Demand." Thomas Marks, Logic User

"This stuff is amazing. The quality of the drum tracks alone spawn loads of ideas and riffs. It is so easy to sit down, listen to the tracks and just let your mind wander. You come up with instant ideas to use and it is so easy to drag and drop into your DAW." Josh Pugh 

DOD has great beats and they're reall well organized. They are very easy to build a song with (in Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio). Even for a guitar player. Tom Buechi

Drums on Demand allows me to create realistic, full-band rock tracks by myself (in Sony Acid). Drums have always been the hardest thing for me to play and record well and DOD has solved all of my problems. Jason Nokes,Car Chase Music

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I've been using Drums on Demand for several years now in Acid Music Studio. It gives my tracks a solid, polished sound. They are very easy to work with and eliminate the aggravation of trying to program a drum machine or use a live drummer. With a little practice you can make drum tracks that are indistinguishable from a live in-studio drummer. They are also good to just jam with when you are trying to come up with new ideas. Curt Brady

I've never contacted you guys before but your product is really fantastic, exceptional if you ask me. I can really manipulate this stuff to sound like a real drummer. In fact, I work with a drummer who is so blown away he couldn't believe. Anyway, it makes my music sound really good and it's so easy to use in Logic.
B Walker

I can play most of the instruments I need to record for my songs, except drums. DOD is the best sounding drum loop package I have found. The loops sound awesome, they have a great feel for the kind of music I play, and the huge selection helps me find just the right groove for the song.
Chuck Mahoney (Garageband user)

I've been blown away by DOD, and I'm busy spreading the word over here in the UK. Using DOD has given me a freedom to do things that studio and session costs would have prohibited. I have bought virtually everything they've made, been very pleased with my purchases, and used DOD all over my forthcoming debut solo album "The Chronicles of Modern Life."
Henry Priestman (Soundscape user)

Drums On Demand helps me by putting a solid great sounding drummer that doesn't get drunk or stoned on 24 hour call.
Rose Reece-Morgan (Pro Tools)

I dig the DOD stuff quite a bit. I've been using it for a while. I purchased the original volume 1 and volume 2. Good, consistent recordings of live drums are tough to find. Drums on Demand has a 'finished' sounding product that I think is perfectly fine for anything.
Edison Carter (Pro Tools, Ableton Live)

DOD always has the rythm I am looking for, no matter what style I am playing. The feel and sound is phenomenal and imparts a greater realism to the music. No drum machine can compare to the real thing and DOD is the real thing!
Robert Donato (Sonar)

DOD offers me unique opportunities to transform my musical ideas into reality and it is an incredible tool by which, in combination with Bass on Demand, you have the ultimate rock band rhythm section under your fingertips!
Herbert Kaptein (Sonar Home Studio)

DOD is great for the inspirational capture process because you can quickly use the well marked song parts to flesh out a song. After the blue print is there I can use DOD’s numerous complimentary loops to build great drum tracks. But the best part of DOD is that kit set up and tear down times are greatly reduced!
Doug Goodner (Cubase)

"Drums on Demand is an essential part of my composing and recording process.The breadth of the fills and song section loops is better than anything else on the market."
Doug Astrop (Ableton Live)

I love Drums on Demand. I can hear the drum parts I want in my head, and I could play them myself but I could NEVER make them sound as professional as DOD. These drums are awesome. The sounds are spot on and the playing is second to none. With a couple of volumes of DOD you can do just about anything. And if the available loops ever don’t fit the song, the single hits are a real treasure! With single hits and a handful of tracks in Logic I can create almost any drum part I need. I can then add effects and mix as I like. Drums on Demand is a fantastic product and I am so thankful that they are out there!
Gina Paoni (Logic Pro)

I went into the studio with the intent of recording my songs with just my acoustic guitar and myself. When my engineer played back my first song he substituted the "CLICK" track with a sequence loop from Drums On Demand. WOW! The Song "Piece Of The Pie" had a whole new sound! I finished my CD using Drums On Demand and I didn't have to pay a drummer for the many hours of studio time.
Dave Schaub (Garage Band)

Like all other CDs from DOD, this Volume 8 is EXCELLENT. They say "Real Drums, Real Songs, Real Easy" and they TRULY ARE. DOD are simply the best!
Thierry Savet

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the Drums on Demand library. I love the quality and they're so easy to use. I never walk away in frustration! I'm actually getting somewhere. Thank you!
Yo Vanderkley

I find DOD and BOD virtually unlimited in the ways it can work for you and how you can explore your own creativity. The drummer is amazing, the sound and the mix add enhancements to your own recordings!
Herbert Kaptein

I gotta tell you guys how much I appreciate your product. I compose music for radio and TV advertising, and DOD has been a time-saver and a life-saver! Great groove options, and as REX files, very easy to manipulate. Looking forward to your next release!
Alex Whittaker

I received my copy of My Co-writer in the mail yesterday, and wow, it is great! This morning I wrote a song. Last night I successfully cut and pasted verses and choruses. It's a wonderful tool.
Charlie Hood

I received the Drums On Demand package today and already I'm putting the song together we were messing with and thinking of others. This is so so awesome. All the wasted time and money I spent on drum machines just to find out how easy and simple it is to do with your matching loops. You guy's have got it all together. Great job. This is so much fun.
Dale Schurg - www.honkytonkmood.com

Drums on Demand makes an excellent quality product. Their drum loops are well recorded, well organized, and versatile. DOD loops are my standard default now for arrangements
of original songs. I recommend investing in their collections if you are a non-drumming musician that is getting serious about software-based recording.
L. Graykin

Drums on Demand have won me over for life. I have been buying from them since their first release and never once have I been disappointed with anything. They are very consistent with the excellent quality and content of their products. If you have any questions, you will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. All in all, they are a well organized company, with fantastic products and service. Thanks for everything DOD. I am anxiously waiting for your next release. Keep up the great work.
Steve Lucas

The sounds were exactly what I needed - I have thousands of loops in my library and very few sound like real drums. Now I have a huge library of real-sounding drums playing every part I could dream of. Top marks for every part of this transaction!
Nicholas Peter

I just wanted to say how absolutely incredible your new Bass on Demand is! after one day, I am blown away at the ease of use and the improvement it has made to my song I've already written prior to receiving it. You have exceeded my wildest dreams. It's truly like having a world-class bassist at my disposal, anytime, anywhere.
Steve Kim

The Drums On Demand family of products are the most versatile and natural sounding Ive ever used. Their loops are both a useful tool and a source of inspiration.
Johnathan Reale

The Drums on Demand Apple Loops combo has been saving me so much time I actually took a day off this week. More times than not, your loops fit into the track perfectly with very little extra tweaking and they're super easy to browse through. I've paid way more money for just about every live drum library and plug-in to have come out in the last couple of years, but lately, DOD drums have ended up on about 75% of my tracks.
Bret Levick

Great product. Great price. Great website with useful information and demonstrations of the product by other users. Great response to any e-mail comments and inquiries. Did I mention that I thought everything about it was great?
Steve Williams

You guys are worthy of the Nobel prize.
Antonio Martinez

Just wanted to drop a quick line to you. About a month ago, I ordered your drums and absolutely love them! I typically use real drums on most everything I do that requires a "real drum" sound. I was able to use DOD for two songs, and the results were way beyond my expectation! Seriously. Your drums are great, and it's one of the best products I've purchased in a long time. Keep it up!
Jay Stocker, Producer

The Drums On Demand team have recorded an excellent, affordable library of acoustic accompaniments for songwriters. They back it up with prompt communication, shipping, and followup service. What more could you ask for?
Alan Gross

Thank you for probably the best service I have ever received. Your product showed up at the house, and I was checking out your GREAT drum loops for most of the night.
Dave Brucer

In just 2 days DOD has become a mainstay of my songwriting tool kit. Keep up the great work!
Bob Kolenko

After getting the discs, I'm floored! They are perfect for me. I'm thrilled about them and I will tell all my friends here in Nashville!
Ben Glover

I was flattered on how great the clips sounded and how they were organized. I can pretty much put a song together in minutes. I recently purchased a drum machine to make some drum patterns and I was very dissapointed with the function of it. It sounded good but it was too time consuming to program it the way I wanted it. DOD is different. It is so easy to make patterns and songs... I can save time and spend more time on the guitar parts... The drum machine is going back!
Marc Olesky

I had been using Cakewalk's Drumatic drum loops CD, but the variety of beats on DOD is far superior and the recording quality is excellent. I also gave Beta Monkey a try -- it was pretty cool, especially the variety of their beats, but the sound quality doesn't come close to the DOD CD. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product that's a real help to recording musicians. I don't know where I'd be right now without Drums on Demand.
Jess Hoefner

I am a one-man-band of sorts and I seriously needed some drum loops to make my music breathe and come to life. Drums On Demand provided just that! The customer service was GREAT! They were very responsive to my one inquiry and their product was all that was promised!
Darren Simpson

I have got more use out of your collection than any other collection I have ever had in the past. The dynamics in them are something only a human drummer can do. Machines get close, but still even when programming dynamics into a machine, it still has this too-systematic sound and not what you would hear a drummer doing at a local club.
Vic Bonner

Finally someone got drum loops right! With all the variations and fills who couldn't write a hit Our drummer is going to have a hell of a time reproducing this live. Kudos to you!
Mark Boardman

I had used the Mick Fleetwood drums on some songs and a drum construction kit on others... After I used the DOD drums on the last song... and played them for my bass player, he was blown away. He said, "Those are the first tracks that have sounded like a professional drummer!" I have been so used to having to chop loops to get what I want, that these are a piece of cake to use!
Matt Vandiver, Worship Leader, New Community Church

I have to say, I'm ***really*** impressed with DOD. My uncle, who has been a session musician for 40 years, asked me who I hired to lay down the drum tracks! What a great product! It's absolutely wonderful when something exceeds your expectations so completely -- be sure I get on the mailing list!
Sean Spicer

I love Drums on Demand! I haven't had this fun making tracks since... well... never! One thing I appreciate is that the patterns are normal -- not crazy and busy, but useable for pop tracks.
Don Chapman

Just writing to say you guys have done a great job and I'm finding the loops fit perfect with most of the demo’s I’m working on. It's been a great tool and worth the price.
Brenton Brown

Drums on Demand offers excellent products and top-notch support. My pre-purchase questions were answered promptly, courteously, and in great detail. Both volumes even arrived a day earlier than expected. The sound quality and ease of use is excellent.
Shawn Dalman

Nothing compares to Drums On Demand. I’ve been working on a drum part for a song for two weeks and I could never get it to sound like I wanted. In 30 minutes with DOD I had a new drum part for the song and it sounded great. My search for drum loops is over. I’ve finally found what I've been looking for.
Chuck Floyd

The product is awesome -- just as it was advertised. I’m extremely pleased. They really cared about me and my purchase. They kept me informed of the order status, and they showed definite interest in making sure I was satisfied.
Greg Gipp

I just finished a couple of tunes this weekend that were more rock oriented, and got a chance to use you library. They were absolutely perfect for what I needed! Real punchy, in-your-face, and I really liked the large assortment of variations. Even the "out-takes" are first class. I really think you guys have a great product here, especially at the price point! I will highly recommend them to others.
Marcel Hamel, Coordinator of Music Technology, Music Program, Grant MacEwan College