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Grunge Rock Drum Loops

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"Seattle Underground" features alternative rock drum loops inspired by the Seattle grunge movement and the post-grunge bands that followed. Almost 1100 raw, stripped-down, rock drum loops and multi-velocity drum samples in 15 Song Sets®, perfect for guitar-based songs and more aggressive compositions. The garageband-like "Seattle Sound" is still a major influence on many alternative rock bands today. With DOD's patented organization system you can quickly build a rock drum track in virtually all recording software or DAWs that sounds like a real drummer -- cause that's exactly what it is.

NEW: Multitrack WAVs download edition now available; no shipping required (add $30).

• Immediate drum loops download of stereo or multitrack editions. Or shipped on data DVDs.
• 24-Bit & 16-Bit WAV (Acidized), Apple Loops and REX stereo formats. ($49.95)
• 24-Bit Multitrack drum loop edition. Downloadable or shipped (non-Acidized 24-bit WAV format -- add $30)
• Organized into 15 Song Set BPM folders
• Tempos ranging from 69-150 BPM 
• 850 drum loops plus 250 multi-velocity single hits
• 24-bit WAV edition is 1.3 gigabytes of content. 24-bit multitrack edition 7.8 gigs.
• Average of 55 verse, chorus, bridge loops, and matching fills, intros, etc. per Song Set
• High-end 44.1K mix; royalty-free license (like all our volumes) 
• Meticulously hand-edited

 Previews: MP3 previews of all 15 Song Sets. Each preview was made with 5-7 loops. Trouble with this player? Click on the CD cover at the bottom of the player.