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ReggaeTown 1: Down- and Mid-Tempo Reggae Drum Loops

by Drums On Demand SALE

Reggaetown 1 features down and mid-tempo reggae drum loops for traditional reggae and reggae-influenced pop songs. Th...

Price $26.95 $29.95

Reggaetown 1 features down and mid-tempo reggae drum loops for traditional reggae and reggae-influenced pop songs. These 44.1 K stereo drum loops are organized in 13 Song Set BPM folders with tempos ranging from 64 to 110 BPM. Just drag and drop the drum loops into your recording software or DAW to quickly build a reggae drum track using our patented organization system that makes creating drum tracks a breeze.

In addition to always-popular traditional reggae, classic rock bands like The Police, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones and many others have had hits featuring reggae beats. And today there are pop artists like Jason Maraz ("I'm Yours") and Magic! ("Rude") hitting the Billboard charts among other songs with a Jamaican or roots flavor. ReggaeTown 1 is available as a drum loops download or shipped on disc, and in several different editions to meet your budget and production needs. Click on the pricing tab below. Save 20% with the ReggaeTown 1 and 2 bundle, which for a limited time includes a free gift.

If you are looking for Garageband reggae drum loops then choose the Apple Loops format. If your need is Pro Tools reggae drum loops, then choose WAV format (and use the Elastic Audio tools to change the tempo).

For more details click on the tabs.

Reggae drum loop MP3 Previews made with 5-7 loops each. Trouble with the player? Click on the cover to access directly on Soundcloud.

Our reggae drum beat loops are available in three different editions to fit your budget and production needs:

Basic Edition: ($29.95): Great for songwriting and home recording demos. 450 loops in 13 Songs Sets. Each Song Set includes several master groove loops (verse, chorus, bridge, intro, etc.) and other matching alternate, fills and more. That's an average of about 35 matching loops per Song Set. The 24-bit Acidized WAV format is 560 megs.

Studio Edition: ($39.90): For just $9.95 more, this "Supersize Me" upgrade provides about twice as much content—more depth and choice for producers and artists looking to build master-quality reggae drum tracks. You get the same 13 Song Sets as above, but with an additional 275 loops and Loop Layers and 215 multi-velocity reggae drum samples (single hits). More fills, alternates, etc., to choose from. With this upgrade you then have an average of 55 loops per Song Set to work with (plus single hits!) The 24-Bit edition totals about 1.1 gig of content.

Multitrack Edition: ($59.95): For those who want complete control of the mix -- channel by channel -- the Multitrack Edition all the stereo loops in the Studio Edition above, but also the complete volume as raw Multitrack 24-bit WAV files as well. An additional 7 gigs of 24-Bit content as a download or shipped on data DVDs. (Note: the stereo WAV edition is Acidized, but the multitrack files are 24-Bit raw multitrack WAVs. They have not been Acidized. If you don't know what this means, please contact us via the link at the top of the page.) 

Save even more with our ReggaeTown 1 and Reggaetown 2 Bundle.

To check out, choose the edition you want, then your preferred loop format (24-bit WAV, 16-Bit WAV, Apple Loops or REX) and delivery method (download or shipped on disc). If you don't know what format you need, click here or contact us via the link at the top of the page.

Free Download Reggae drum loops demo from Reggaetown 1. About 10 reggae drum loops in 16-Bit Acid WAV, Apple Loops and REX format. Be sure to set the tempo of your project to the stated BPM of the loops before you start changing tempos.


Reggae Kit

1960's Era "Star" Drum kit (Star was the precursor company to Tama)
12" Rack Tom
14" Floor Tom
20" Bass Drum
3.7"x14" Ludwig "Carl Palmer" Signature Brass Snare
High Snare
3"x13" Pearl Piccolo Brass Shell Snare Drum

ReggaeTown Session notes

Microphones, preamps, and hardware compressors:

Kick inside-AKG D190 to Vintech Neve 473

Kick front -Sennheiser e902 to Neotek IIIC

Snare main-Shure SM57 to Vintech Neve 473

Snare color-Microtech Gefell UM70 to Neotek IIIC

Snare under-Shure SM57 to Neotek IIIC

Fills Snare-Sennheiser e604 to Vintech Neve X73i

Tom 1-Sennheiser e604 to Vintech Neve X73i

Tom 2-Sennheiser e604 to Vintech Neve X73i

Hats AKG C451B to Vintech Neve X73i

Overheads- AKG C414EB pair to API 3124

Wide Ambience- AKG 414 and Soundeluxe U195 to API 3124 to Empirical Labs Fatso

Room- Crown stereo PZM to Sytek MPX 4 to Focusrite Penta

Knee smash mic-Sennheiser MD421 to Universal Audio 2108 to Empirical Labs Distressor

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