Acoustic R&B Drum Loops
Acoustic R&B Drum Loops

Acoustic R&B Drum Loops

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Our Acoustic R&B drum loop pack offers 435 loops and single hits in 6 super-deep, easy-to-use Song Sets that are reminiscent of 60s soul grooves but current enough for Top 40 pop and hip-hop. The overall mix includes a heavily dampened snare that was then compressed and gated for a very dry "in your face" crunch. The toms were dampened for a "thuddy" sound as well. The dampened and gated kick offers a real lo-fi "thump." The resulting sound is versatile enough for contemporary hip hop, but warm and live enough for R&B. Acoustic R&B uses our patented organization, with each about 60 match loops per Song Set: intro, verse, chorus, fills, endings, bridge, etc.

Other Highlights

  •  Snare- and rim-based loops
  • Tempos ranging from 64-125
  • Recorded at 44.1; royalty-free license
  •  Loop Layers
  • 16 multi-velocity L & R snare hits in each Song Set
  • 72 matching, multi-velocity single hits
  • Stereo editions: 24-BIT Acid WAVs, 16-BiT Acid WAVs, Apple Loops or REX