Band On Demand I
Band On Demand I
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Band On Demand I

Band On Demand I

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Create your own songs with Band On Demand song construction kits in virtually all music making software and DAWs. This first sample pack features 1100 royalty free guitar loops, bass loops, piano loops, synth loops, drum loops, percussion loops, open strums and more. For everything from Garageband to Pro Tools to Cakewalk, write and arrange your own songs using the riffs, chords patterns and loop length of your choice. Just drag and drop into your music making software. Even if you play guitar, you'll find Band On Demand an inspiring songwriting and production tool. Start with a riff and build your song out from there. It's like having a group of on-call studio musicians in your computer. Whether you're writing a song or producing background music, just drag and drop the chords you want into your recording software program or DAW to build an awesome track. It's that easy.

Listen to what we've made with just a few of the chords in the six different construction set on this volume. Everything you hear is included -- except the real live lead guitarist on Track 7. Just imagine what you can create with Band On Demand Song Construction Kits.

Song Construction Kit Highlights

Six different "Song Sets" ranging in tempos and styles: 068 BPM Ballad in E and A; 100 BPM Independent in G and D; 102 BPM Pop Reggae in C and F; 104 BPM Mid-Tempo in D and A; 114 BPM Pop-Country in A and E; 114 BPM Pop-Rocker in A and E. Plus; plus, instrument strums and drum single hit folders. 

Each instrument loop is played in 11 chords -- enough to cover the most commonly used major and minor chords in two different keys as well as the flat seventh for both keys.

Each Song Set features 6-9 melodic instruments plus drum and percussion loops: acoustic and electric guitar loops, bass loops, piano loops, synth loops, drum loops and percussion loops. You can also mix and match some loops from neighboring BPM Song Sets for even more options.

You choose the chords. Each loop is 2 bars in length. Some with variation, some without. Edit down to one bar or even half a bar or more, depending on your songs' needs and recording software capabilities.

Also included are 120 whole note strums -- each three to four bars long -- designed for use in any of the six Song Sets: 12-string acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, high-strung acoustic guitar, power electric guitar and piano.

Available in 24-bit and 16-Bit Acidized WAV and Apple Loops formats so tempo (and pitch) can be changed a few BPM up or down. But for best results, we recommend staying at the original tempo (and pitch). Download now or shipped on data DVD. (All three formats are on the DVD.)

Click here for our written tutorial, YouTube tutorials and instructions.