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Mixed Bag Drum Loops 1

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Nearly 900 stereo pop, country and rock drum loops and drum fills organized into 41 Song Sets with each set including as many as 33 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, ending and other loops. Simply find the Master Loop (basic drum beat) that fits your song and use the other loops and segments in the Song Set to quickly build a drum track that feels and sounds like a live session drummer playing a real. Choose drum loop download or shipped on disc. This is the volume that started the Drums On Demand revolution. Technical notes.

Key Details

  • 900 loops and single hits in 41 Song Sets
  • Tempos range from 72 to 170 BPM Song Sets; Some Odd Time.
  • Stereo editions: 24-BIT Acid WAVs, 16-BiT Acid WAVs, Apple Loops or REX
  • 40 megs of generic single hit drum samples (snares, kick, toms, cymbals, etc.)
  • High-end 44.1K mix; Royalty-free (like all our volumes)
  • Our hierarchical, patented organization; super easy to use
  • Scroll through previews below (each made with about 4-6 loops)