Jazz Drum Loop Technical Notes

Jazz-Latin Drum Loops and Sample Drum Kit
Drums: The vintage 4-piece '60s Gretsch kit is a popular choice among the best players in jazz. It's rounded out with a limited edition, 75th anniversary Noble & Cooley snare (only 100 made). Toms are 8 x 12 and 14 x 14; kick is 14 x 20. Miking: Kick Drum (front): Sennheiser e602 barely inside the shell through analog Neotek console. Kick Drum (by beater): AKG d112 through the Neotek console. Kick Drums (lows): Yamaha subkick through a Universal Audio 2108 preamp. Snare (top): SM57 and Geffel UM70 through the Neotek console. Snare (bottom): SM57 through Vintech Audio 473. Hats: AKG C460 through a Vintech Audio 473. Kit Overheads: AKG C451B pair through a Vintech Audio 473. Close Cymbals: AT 4050 pair through a Nightpro PreQ2. Room Mike: Crown stereo PZM through Sytek preamp.