Industry Praise For Drums On Demand

This is one of the easiest drum libraries I have ever worked with.... The drum loops are tight and balanced with a well produced sound [that] can best be described as huge, full and consistent... The folks at DOD have done their job well, crafting a great sounding, solid sound set which is highly usable and has an organizational system second to none. Definitely among the cream of the drum library crop. -- Paul Vnuk, Recording Magazine.

"You cannot afford to be without these loops in your library, especially if you are a songwriter or producer looking for some great sounding, flexible, acoustic drums." --Matt AllisonMUSIC INDUSTRY ONLINE

"If you need to slam dunk a rock mix into the Fed-X by 5:15 p.m., Drums On Demand will get you there." --Craig AndertonKEYBOARD MAGAZINE

The Drums on Demand line remains the best group of drum and percussion loop sets on the market ... They are well-recorded and edited, they contain needed variations on basic grooves, they are well-organized, and they are reasonably priced. In addition, you can audition their sets online, so you can decide before buying whether a particular set is for your music. --Fred

"Drums On Demand takes constructing drum tracks ... up a level beyond many, if not most, similarly priced collections..." --Rick PaulCAKEWALKNET.COM

"The best sounding drum loops I have heard." --James McCanna, PCRECORDING.COM

"10 out of 10... it does everything I have ever wanted a drum CD to do!" --MACIDOL.COM

"A splendid collection of percussive goodness." --MACJAMS.COM 

10 out of 10: "They sound absolutely fabulous... they sound incredible... they give the track that "human" touch." --ICOMPOSITIONS.COM

"Edit points are perfect... a great tool for home recording songwriters trying to escape drum machine hell." --Larry CraneTAPE OP MAGAZINE

"Wow! These drums sound fantastic! Punchy, well played, well recorded, well organized, wonderful variety. In a word, brilliant!" --Jeff RonaFILM COMPOSER/KEYBOARD MAGAZINE COLUMNIST

"Excellent drumming with human-feel and ghost notes, played on a great drum set with the highest quality recording, looping and mixdown. As far as production quality goes, there is not much left to be desired." --SAMPLEPOOLZ.COM

"A significant upgrade to the project studio at a bargain price. If you need a polished, great-sounding live drummer, look to Drums On Demand first - and last." --Mike WestSONARAMA.COM

One of the most USEABLE drum programs around. Easy to use, sounds & grooves that make sense. Like getting a good reliable drummer to your session. --Jimi YamagishiSONGNET.ORG

"The problem with most drum loops is that they SOUND like loops. Drums On Demand sounds like a well-recorded, live drum track. An amazing tool for songwriting and production." --Bill Evans, Editor, FRONT OF HOUSE MAGAZINE