Yamaha DAW and WAV Drum Loops

The short answer is yes. Here's one example:

Yamaha AW16G (from Yamaha)
The AW16G's built-in loop sampler makes it easy to add realistic drum tracks and sound effects to your recordings. Simply assign audio samples to the 16 flash memory locations and tap the sample pads as you record. Right out of the box, the AW16G comes with a sample library containing over 250MB of professionally produced drum kits, loops and other stereo samples for you to use in your music. You can even record your own samples directly into memory, copy and paste audio phrases from tracks you've recorded, or import WAV files from a CD. And even if the original loops don't match the tempo of your song, the AW16G's Slice function will automatically sync them to the proper BPM-without changing their pitch! Each sample pad has its own recording track, so you don't have to use up any of the 16 audio tracks to record samples.

The format you want to order is 24-Bit or 16-Bit WAV. You can use 24-bit with the AW16G. 

Consult your users manual, but this basic idea is true for most audio workstations made since 2004 or so.