Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops
Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops
Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops
Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops
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Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops
Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops
Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops

Psychedelic 60s Vintage Drum Loops

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"Psychedelic '60s" vintage drum loops brought to you by DOD and Sixties drumming/recording specialist and artist Joe Montague. Immerse yourself in iconic grooves and experimental styles of the late 1960s; loops inspired by everything from the British Invasion to the Summer of Love. Tracked with authentic '60s gear, "Psychedelic 60s" includes 600+ drum loops and hits; 13 different BPM Song Sets in three different mixes as well as multitrack stem files; 10 gigs of material in WAV and Apple Loops format. Like all DOD volumes, simply drag 'n' drop our drum loops into your favorite recording software via our patented loop-naming system, to quickly create a "session drummer" drum track for your project. 

Joe Loves Ringo!
Joe Montague, a drummer, producer, and owner of All You Need Is Drums, brings his extensive expertise to "Psychedelic '60s." With a passion for the sounds of the 1960s and 70s, Joe has contributed his drumming magic to thousands of songs for clients worldwide. Joe currently tours with the internationally acclaimed theatre show Beatlemania and regularly works with the resident band at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Watch Joe's intro video.

Introducing new features never offered before
"Psychedelic 60s" offers not one, but three different sets of stereo loops: It's almost like three volumes in one: 

Stereo Mix 1:
60s Dry Mix
Stereo Mix 2: Contemporary Mix
Stereo Mix 3: Vintage Analog Spring Reverb Mix

13 BPM Song Set delivered in both WAV and Apple Loops (AIF) formats, opening up a world of possibilities. That's 3600+ loops and 10+ gigabytes of content.

Multitrack WAV Stems Included 
Also new are multitrack stems: You can take full control of the mix with the included WAV stem loops of Mix 1 "60s Dry Mix." Stems are 1) Kick, 2) Snare/Hat, 3) Overheads, and 4) Rooms, allowing you to fine-tune the mix across 4 drum channels/tracks. No more, "the kick isn't loud enough," or "I can't fine-tune the EQ on the snare" etc. (The multitrack stem loops are not tempo-tagged like the stereo loops, but most modern recording software can easily handle time-stretching or "follow tempo."

Authentic 60s Gear
Drums: 1964 Beverley Gold Viking, 13”, 16”, 22” with Beverley Cosmic 21 Snare Drum. Early 70s Ludwig Classic Maple 13”, 16”, 22” with 1969 Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare. Cymbals: Combination of 1960s 5 Star Super Zyn, Zildjian Avedis Crash/Ride cymbals & 1950s Zildjian K hi hats. Microphones: For OHs, Shotgun mic and Rooms, various combinations of 1960s Reslo RB-1 ribbons, Coles 4038, AKG D19, Extinct Audio BM9 ribbons and Sontronics Aria valve mic; EV RE20 and SE Electronics SE2300 on Kick; SE Electronics V7 on Snare. Vintage Spring Reverb: Stereo pair of Vermona VSR 3.2 for that 60s magic!

Stereo "Acid" WAVs and Apple Loops
Our stereo drum loops are provided in 24-Bit Acid WAVs and 24-Bit AIF Apple Loops formats for use across virtually all recording platforms. Tempo-tagged for your convenience, ensuring a seamless integration into your projects. Choose download now or shipped on DVD data discs.

MP3 demos of 13 Song Sets. Each preview was made with 6-8 loops. File names show more details. Previews showcase the three different mixes. But each Song Set is available in the three different mxies .The multitrack demos give you an idea as the control you can have in the mix. Having trouble with this player? Click on the CD cover at the very bottom. 

More Details: 600 drum loops and single hits • 24 Bit/44.1 kHz. • Mostly 4/4 Time sigs • Immediate download or shipped on data DVD disc • Most loops are two measures long • Tempos ranging from 72 to 166 BPM • Organized into 13 Song Set BPM folders • Average of 34 verse, chorus, bridge loops, and matching fills, alts, etc. per Song Set • Royalty-free license • Hand-edited; stereo loops tagged for tempo shifting ("Acid" or Apple Loops).