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Our original Reggae Drum Loop download (or CD) includes 440 loops and single hits in six super-deep Song Sets inspired by some of the best-selling reggae grooves of all-time. The traditional sound and mix feature higher-pitched snare, toms as well as a drier overall mix. Drum loop styles include traditional reggae and dance-oriented grooves at upbeat as well as slower tempos. Our patented organization system features about 60 matching loops per Song Set: intro, verse, chorus, fills, endings, bridge, etc. Other features include: snare- and rim-based loops; tempos ranging from 76-130; mix and match sound across all Song Sets; recorded at 44.1; royalty-free license; Loop Layers; Single hits comprise 138 matching, multi-velocity hits for building your own loops or for import into your WAV-compatible sampler. 

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