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'Acoustic Roots' Loop Construction Kit - Band On Demand V

'Acoustic Roots' Loop Construction Kit - Band On Demand V

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"Acoustic Roots" features everything from acoustic guitar loops and banjo loops to mandolin loops and dobro loops — and much, much more. Our largest and most comprehensive loop construction kit yet, "Roots" features more than 1500+ loops, strums and hits (2.7 gigs of content) for a variety of music styles that rely on rich, acoustic sounds: Americana, Folk, Country and more. The full instrument lineup includes: 1992 R.L. Givens Mandolin loops, Deering G.D.L. Banjo loops, Gibson Dobro loops, 1983 Taylor 615 guitar loops, Tom Anderson Telecaster loops, Yamaha fretless bass loops, Montgomery Bouzouki loops, standup bass loops and Hammond organ loops. And to round your song out, there are shaker loops, tambourine loops and drum loops from our Warm & Natural DOD drum loop volume.

Loop construction kits featuring Ryan TIlbyOne new addition are alternate loops and "licks" for some instruments. So the arrangement possibilities are virtually endless. Quickly drag and drop the loops to write or arrange a song. The loops are tightly played so you can shorten the loops down to a short as half a measure. If you're not familiar with our loop construction kits, watch the YouTube tutorials and instructions here from Band On Demand I. Scroll below players for more details.

"Acoustic Roots" features multi-instrumentalist Ryan Tilby, who grew up in the folk and bluegrass world, touring with various acts and winning numerous state championships and national competitions. After studying jazz guitar at Utah State University, he went on to become an in-demand session musician and audio engineer. Experience on both sides of the glass gives Ryan a unique take on how parts work together, and how to integrate traditional instruments into the modern context of popular music.

Below are two preview players. The first features short "songs" created from each of the Song Sets. The second includes a random loop from each instrument in every Song Set on the volume.


More Details

• Loops download or shipped data DVD: Choose 16-, 24-Bit Acid WAV or Apple Loops formats.
• Six different "Song Sets." Each instrument loop is played in 11 chords -- enough to cover the most commonly used major and minor chords in two different keys. (See different keys in Song Set names above.) For example, "096 BPM Organic Brushes in C and G" includes 2-measure chords played in Am, Bb, Bm, C, D, Dm, E, Em, F, Fm, & G.
• Example loops in just one of the Song Sets: banjo loops, fretless bass loops, upright bass loops, chunky acoustic guitar loops, electric guitar loops, mandolin loops (and alt licks), organ loops, strumming acoustic guitar loops, organ loops, shaker loop, tambourine loops and of course, drum loops (46 of them)
• Each loop is 2 bars in length. Some with variation, some without. Edit down to one bar or even half a bar or more, depending on your songs' needs and recording software capabilities.
• Also included are 139 whole-note instrument strums and whole notes -- each three to four bars long -- for use in any of the six Song Sets. Plus there are ending loops generally on the I chord so you can quickly build a resolve or ending.
• Available in 24-bit and 16-Bit Acidized WAV (Acid Loops) and Apple Loops formats so tempo (and pitch) can be changed a bit. But for best results, we recommend staying at the original tempo due to the sonic nature of acoustic instruments.