Congrats to July Winner!

Congrats to Chris M. for winning our monthly $75 gift certificate for his review of Odd Time Odyssey. Each month we choose a random review from our Yotpo customer review system.  As of today we have 470 reviews in the system since January.

"Adding Odd Time Odyssey to my Drums on Demand collection was a much needed move considering the fact I seem to have wrung every last bit of use out of the original collection of four DoD packages, acquired sometime in the misty past (2004-05-06? Need to check the records for that one) and so several hundred songs later it’s time to replenish the toolbox. Odd Time Odyssey was the most logical place to start. Most of the song sets in my existing DoD packages are 4/4, and for the most part the 3/4, 6/8 and 12/8 sets are in the slower ballad range and can be used only so many times. Since enough of my original material tends away from straight 4/4, Odd Time Odyssey just made sense, especially for my newest song/work in progress, THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER ANYMORE. I also have several existing songs in production that will also benefit from being retro-fitted by song sets in Odd Time Odyssey and I can’t wait to set sail! (I know, cheesy; couldn’t help meself…) (Currently using Adobe Audition) " 5 stars

Thanks Christopher!