Quick Q&As re Country & Crossover


I am minded to buy Country & Crossover. Quick Qs:

What BPM do the loops go up to (I'm looking up to 160 bpm)?
By definition audio loops (as opposed to midi loops) can on average be tempo shifted about 15 BPMs up or down before they start to degrade. On Country & Crossover there are 660 loops organized into 30 Song Sets (BPM folders). As you can see in the preview player, the starting tempos begin at 60 BPM and go all the way up to 180 BPM. So you will be able to change those tempos from their starting tempo up or down about 15 BPM.

Is the package compatible with Logic 8?
Our audio loops are compatible with virtually all DAWs and recording software. So yes, in the case of Logic, you want to buy Apple Loops format. We tempo tag the audio loops so they are compatible with Logic for tempo shifting, etc. That what the term Apple Loops, Acid Loops and REX format mean. They are time shifting formats where the audio signal has been tagged. This is a time-consuming process that is just as much art as it is science. While many companies do some auto tagging and call it "done," we look at every loop we make by hand and make necessary adjustments so yo can get the best tempo shifting.

Logic also recognizes REX format, which has its advantages but can be more difficult to use and edit. So we generally recommend REX format for more experienced recordists.

The other route to take would be MIDI loops. With MIDI loops you can adjust the tempo however you want cause the sound of the drum is made with a single hit. MIDI doesn't contain any sound. It is a trigger that says "hit this drum at this velocity." You have to pair the midi up with a drums sample instrument. So we offer this combination as well. MIDI is more flexible, but doesn't sound quite as real and is more difficult to work with. Audio loops are a less flexible but very simple, fast and easy to work with. That's the tradeoff.

How long are the loops?
By definition loops are shorter segments, generally one to two bars. The benefit of that is you can mix and match and get more variation. There are other companies that make longer "segments" or "tracks" that are cut into 8-bar segments or sometimes 4-bar segments. But in most programs in order to be tempo-shifted the piece of audio has to be shorter (ie. 1 or 2 or bars). Thus, tracks that are 8 bars long are not formatted as Apple Loops and you have to use some other time compression plug in to change the tempo of the track.

MIDI loops are longer, more like 4 and 8 bars, they are made to be edited.

Based on your questions and perceived level of experience, we would recommend you go with Country & Crossover in the Apple Loops format.