Drum Sample Instrument Q&A


I am interested in purchasing the Metal Drum Sample Instrument. The samples sound great and I'd love to use them in my tracks. My DAWs of choice, however, are Nanostudio and Beatmaker 2. I don't believe they support any of the instrument types provided, but it is very easy to load WAV samples into their drum trigger interfaces. Are WAVs files of the individual drum hits included with the download if I purchase this product? I wouldn't mind loading them in manually—just want to make sure I'd have the right files to work with. Thanks for your help!

Edward D.

We've had several customers ask this question. And the answer is true for all of our drums sample instruments. You can build your own kit in your sampler if you're not using one of the platforms our sample drum kits are made for. The single hit WAVs are available in all corresponding drum loop volumes. In this case, either Manic Metal or More Manic Metal. In most cases they are the exact same as you would get with the drum sample instruments, but sometimes they have been edited down a bit -- not quite as many velocities on each drum.

They are also readily accessed in the drum sample kit itself you mentioned with one small caveat. The program we create the drum sample instruments in renames the files so in some cases -- especially with the snares where there are multiple snares, multiple velocities and multiple left and right hits -- the names get a little bizarre, truncated. So it's takes a bit of listening to figure out what's what. But it can be done