Me and "Taylor Swift"

Quint RandleSo the other night I walked upstairs and caught my 11-year-old daughter sliding across the floor in Tom Cruise-like, "Risky Business" fashion singing Taylor Swift's "Trouble" via my Spotfiy account. She sounded so good I grabbed my Taylor acoustic -- it was Family Band time. A Google search got me the chart fast enough. (Always amazed at how a few simple chords can earn you a million dollars.)

But we still needed a groove!

I scanned a number of DOD drum loop volumes but couldn't find quite the right loop. DIY time. So I grabbed a shaker loop and a sticks loop from Essential Acoustic Percussion and then a single hit kick from Contemporary Country. Threw them into Garageband right there on the kitchen table and we were recording.

Check out the "Trouble"-like loop I was able to make very quickly. Click on the download button in the player if you'd like it for your loop library.

When her performance reaches YouTube quality (which doesn't take much), then we'll post it. But until then we're just another undiscovered Family Band -- with a little help from Drums On Demand.