Helping You Write A Song With My Co-Writer

By Quint Randle

If you are searching about how to write a song, we think you've come to the right place — My Co-Writer. The writing process can be complex whether you're goal is to be a staff writer in Nashville or signed to a major label. The music industry is based on solid songwriting and My Co-Writer is like having a secret collaborator serving great songs for you to finish writing and is designed for both novice and experienced songwriters and producers.

There are lots of songwriting books and songwriting tips out there that offer instruction on basic song structure or offer the secret to instant songwriting success. What we offer with My Co-Writer is one proven method of how to write a song: Starting with an existing track where you write your own lyrics over professionally recorded backing tracks. Here is how it works.

Before you try to make music industry contacts or contact current chart-toppers with your songs, you have to make sure the songs you write are the best they can be. This goes for lyrics, melody as well as the quality of production. While you might consider entering a lyric writing contest to test your song structure and quality skills, this is not really necessary. You also don't need note-reading ability to write a song with My Co-Writer.

My Co-Writer backing tracks come with existing solid song structure, a how-to workbook and lyric worksheets so you will quickly be writing lyrics and melody to song structures that are prevalent in chart-topping rock, pop and country songs. The benefit of My Co-Writer tracks is you have got a great track to start with. No need to know or learn how to play an instrument.

And should you decide to release your song on a CD, multitrack upgrades are available so you can add and subtract instruments, do your own mix, to make the finished backing tracks unique and your own.

Check out the entire line of My Co-Writer volumes -- from rock to country to ballads -- and get started writing today.