Devin Powers Scores Billboard Awards with DOD

Trust us, you have heard Devin Powers’ work. You just probably don’t know you have. This very successful composer has written the music you hear in TV shows including The Bachelor, Gene Simmons Family Jewels , Whacked Out Sports and  Blind Date as well as working as a guitarist, composer and producer for acts ranging from Leon Russell to Los Lonely Boys. He is also an enthusiastic Drums on Demand user.

Devin Powers on DOD Drum LoopsIn addition to several other shows, Powers used DOD to score ABC's The Bachelor and the 2011 and 2012 Billboard Music Awards -- opens, closes, etc. "They were all over the show," he says. You can catch an example in several of the mock music videos below.

"I have worked with World Class drummers Like Zak Starkey (The Who, Oasis), Aynsley Dunbar (David Bowie, Journey) and when I can't put a dream band together for a sessions I know Drums on Demand is always in my studio ready to rock in a world class way.”

For Powers—who calls Drums on Demand “simply the best sounding drums available”—it is about more than just the sound. It is about streamlining the tech process so he can focus on the creative aspects of making music. “Drums on Demand is simply magical. Within moments of a song idea you can have a wonderful groove set up in any style, and spend more creativity working on the soul and core of the song and less time getting kick & snare sounds.”

People Devin works with are also DOD fans. He recently worked on a song called “Pass It On” for a new TV show and the singer was a drummer you might have heard of. Some guy by the name of Ringo Starr. “We used Drums on Demand for the track,” Devin says. “And Ringo dug the groove.” 

-- Bill Evans