"Like My Own Studio Musicians"

Cubase and Audacity user Mike Francis on Band on Demand:

Excellent product. I used the Band On Demand II Country Costruction Kit to create a song... The only thing I added was an arp guitar on the chorus and increased the bpm from 94 to 100 in Audacity. The only effect was to pan some of the instruments. Everything else is pure DOD (BOD). It's like having my own studio musicians right here in my very small home recording studio. I'm not a Pro, just a novice, so I know the mix could probably be better and unfortunately I'm not a singer but I hope you can still enjoy!

As a side note, as I said, I originally ordered the Band On Demand II Country Construction Song Kit.  Later I wanted to add another Construction Kit but I mistakenly ordered the very same kit. I didn't realize my mistake until several days later. I contacted DOD and asked if I could trade this second order for a different product expecting to hear, "Sorry.  A sale is a sale."  But Nancy contacted me and said "Sure. What product would you liker?" I told her and before I knew it the files were in my account and ready for download.  WOW.  That's called Customer Service at its best. Thanks DOD.

Michael Francis