Problem with Cakewalk Drum Loops

Cakewalk Sonar has Drum Loop times code issue.

I have been having an issue with DOD's Cakewalk Sonar Drum Loops for some time. Hopefully you’ll have an answer as Cakewalk doesn’t. When I go to insert some Drums on Demand clips, instead of attaching to the time line where I would like it, it jumps to the very end of the track. This seems to happen most with the small loops, such as fills, but some of the larger loops do the same. When a loop feels as if it’s going to attach at the right place there is a placement line that is present on the front of the loop, but the loops that jump to the end, have no such line. I was working on a song today, and I was going crazy with all the loops that wouldn’t attach. Let me know if you know what’s going on. — Gary S.

Gary, what is happening is that Sonar is reading the original time code stamp in the header of the WAV files and is placing the loops in the timeline based on this time code. There is a preference in the Global Options on the Audio Data tab., and it's called "Always Import Broadcast Waves at their Timestamp" that is checked by default. Uncheck it and your loops will obey your commands. — Quint