Upbeat & Aggressive Recording Notes

KICK (Mono): This is usually an AKG D112 and/or a Sennheiser E602 through the Neotek. Mike choice and combination determined by the individual Song Set. SNARE (Mono): A Shure SM57, usually combined with a Gefell large diaphragm condenser. Also combined with another 57 under the snare, out of phase. Sometimes I play with the phase of the two top mics, if I want a really scooped-out snare sound, but mostly it's the 57 with the Gefell for fattening. All of the above through the Neotek. HATS (Mono) :Audio Technica 4031 through the Vintech 473. (Pan this to the left.) TOMS: Stereo mix of the three toms through the Neotek. Highest tom on the left. Mics are Sennheiser e604s. OVERHEADS: Stereo overheads, hats on the left, Coles ribbons through a Universal Audio 2108 pre. ROOM: Crown SASS through a Sytek pre/tube tech compressor, looking from the other side of the room, facing the kit, and panned so the stereo spread follows the overs and toms. XTREME KIT (Mono): This is a crunched mono kit. A pzm on the floor, usually in front of the kit, through the Vintech 473 and Distressor. XTREME HALLWAY (Mono): This is another crunched perspective from down a studio hallway. Tile floor and hard walls add to the ambience. Soundelux U195 through the Vintech 473/Universal Audio LA2A/ SPL Transient Designer.