Tight 'n' Dry Technical Notes

Tight and Dry Drum Loops
Yamaha Absolute Maple Nouveau 10, 13, and 16” toms and a 22” kick drum. Snare drums used were: 13” Pearl Brass Piccolo snare, a 14” Kansas City Drumworks custom Maple; Remo fiberglass piccolo snare. Rounding out the set were 14” Zildjian Master sound hats, Sabian evolution crashes and 21”sabian dry ride. Kick: AKG D112, Sennheiser E602, Yamaha Subkik. Snare (Top): Shure SM57, Microtech Gefell UM72. Snare (Bottom): Shure SM57, Shure SM81. Hats: AKG C460 Toms: Sennheiser E604 Cymbals/Overhead Pair: AKG CK451B Stereo Room: Crown Stereo Ambient Sampling System, Additional room mics. AKG C414s Analog Console: Neotek Series III C. Outboard preamps/equalizers: Universal Audio 2108, Vintech Audio 473, Millennia Media HV3,, Sytek MPX4A, NightPro PRE-Q Compressors: TubeTech LCA2B, Urei 1176LN