Percussion Recording Notes

Percussion loops from Drums On Demand

Essential Acoustic Percussion was recorded with a pair of AKG C460 small diaphragm condenser microphones through a Vintech 473 preamp. Congas and bongos are spread with a drum on each side; two-handed shaker combinations are stereo with a shaker on each side, while single shakers and similar items are pretty much equal in both sides. You can spread wide or make mono either by panning to one side or the other, or by using only one side or the other of the stereo track. Ethnic drums are stereo with the top of the drum on one side and the bottom on the other, so the tonality of the drum can be effected by changing the balance from one side towards the other. The tambourines and cowbell have the left side closer and the right side a bit roomier, so the perception of distance can be manipulated by changing the balance of the left and right side. Two different perspectives of the same source allow you to place a sound source deep into one side of the mix, or stretch it across both speakers.