Multitrack Drum Loops

Recorded meticulously to state-of-the-art specifications, many volumes of drum loops are also offered in a multitrack loops format. Available only in 24-Bit WAV (not acidized), multitrack editions provide the same loops, elements and organization as the corresponding stereo edition -- but you get them on as many as 11 multi-miked, mono/stereo tracks for complete creativity and control of the mix. 

The tracks range from standard close mics on individual drums to additional, extremely processed kit and ambient mics. This combination allows you to determine not only the relative mix of the drum kit elements, but also control the overall ambient feel of the performance -- anything from close and dry to crunched and roomy -- all from the same set of tracks.

The tracks have not been normalized to provide sufficient headroom for EQ and processing. Furthermore, we did not add the final layer of EQ and compression of the drum bus that we usually add in the stereo edition mixes. Again, this is to provide you with more latitude and options for your mix. More production, mixing and time compression/expansion tips are included with the DVDs. This quick demo was made with four loops from a Song Set on "Solid Rock."

General Multitrack Recording (See volume notes on product pages.)
KICK (Mono): This is usually an AKG D112 and/or a Sennheiser E602 through the Neotek. Mike choice and combination determined by the individual Song Set.
SNARE (Mono): A Shure SM57, usually combined with a Gefell large diaphragm condenser. Also combined with another 57 under the snare, out of phase. Sometimes I play with the phase of the two top mics, if I want a really scooped-out snare sound, but mostly it's the 57 with the Gefell for fattening. All of the above through the Neotek.
HATS (Mono): Audio Technica 4031 through the Vintech 473. (Pan this to the left.)
TOMS: Stereo mix of the three toms through the Neotek. Highest tom on the left. Mics are Sennheiser e604s.
OVERHEADS: Stereo overheads, hats on the left, Coles ribbons through a Universal Audio 2108 pre.
ROOM: Crown SASS through a Sytek pre/tube tech compressor, looking from the other side of the room, facing the kit, and panned so the stereo spread follows the overs and toms.
XTREME KIT (Mono): This is a crunched mono kit. A pzm on the floor, usually in front of the kit, through the Vintech 473 and Distressor.
XTREME HALLWAY (Mono): This is another crunched perspective from down a studio hallway. Tile floor and hard walls add to the ambience. Soundelux U195 through the Vintech 473/Universal Audio LA2A/ SPL Transient Designer.